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General Message Board for Ankylosing Spondylitis and Related Diseases (149 viewing)
The Spondylitis Association of America is here to support those who are affected by ankylosing spondylitis or a related disease. This message board / open forum is a place where individuals can come and share their feelings, concerns and questions and offer support to others who know how it feels to live with these conditions.
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Last Post 06/18/19 05:51 AM, by Shippingnews
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06/18/19 05:51 AM
by Shippingnews
Off-Topic Forum (11 viewing)
Wanna lift? Here's a forum dedicated to jokes, anecdotes and even your favorite flavor of ice cream! Basically, anything fun you'd like to discuss.
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Last Post 11/30/18 05:57 PM, by RAHMBA
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11/30/18 05:57 PM
Complications and Long Term Medical Issues
For those with long standing spondylitis, wanting to discuss medical issues, and related complications.
Last Post 05/22/19 05:59 PM, by SouthernMoss
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05/22/19 05:59 PM
by SouthernMoss
Support Groups Information
This forum is for the Spondylitis Educational Support Groups located all over the United States. Inquire here regarding support group information, meeting dates, if you want to start a group or looking to join one.
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Last Post 05/07/19 11:29 PM, by RAHMBA
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Young Adults - The 20-Something Club
As requested by our online community, this forum is for young adults to discuss their issues regarding spondylitis.
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Last Post 08/03/18 01:21 PM, by Mike19
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08/03/18 01:21 PM
by Mike19
For Parents and Teens
For parents and their teens to dicuss their concerns and seek support regarding AS and related diseases. Visit SWIFT - Spondylitis Web Info For Teens at for tips for school, activities, and more.
Moderated by: ElinAslanyan
Last Post 04/02/19 04:32 PM, by SadieP1989
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04/02/19 04:32 PM
by SadieP1989
Military & Veterans Board (1 viewing)
For those currently serving in the military and for veterans to share information on their experiences of serving with spondylitis as well as exchange information on treatments and disability payments from the military and the VA.
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Last Post 05/29/19 11:21 PM, by BigDaddio
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05/29/19 11:21 PM
by BigDaddio
Women Only Message Board (8 viewing)
For women to discuss their gender-specific issues in regards to spondylitis.
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Last Post 05/05/19 09:21 PM, by magistra
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05/05/19 09:21 PM
by magistra
Men Only Message Board (1 viewing)
For men to discuss their gender-specific issues in regards to spondylitis.
Last Post 01/06/19 05:59 PM, by jtmak
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01/06/19 05:59 PM
by jtmak
Alternative Treatment / Diet Discussion (1 viewing)
Discussion on alternative treatments (such as yoga, acupuncture, TENs Unit, etc.) as well as spondylitis and diet.
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Last Post 05/31/19 06:52 PM, by RAHMBA
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05/31/19 06:52 PM
List your great doc here!
If you have a terrific doctor and would like to tell us why or recommend him/her to others, this is the place to do it.
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Last Post 03/12/19 09:57 PM, by Brennen
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03/12/19 09:57 PM
by Brennen
Recommend Your Physical Therapist / PT Discussion
Moderated by: ElinAslanyan
Last Post 06/01/17 12:05 PM, by Nicole_B
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Athletes Against AS - Tips For Staying Active With AS (1 viewing)
Exercise is a cornerstone of treatment for those with AS. In this forum, athletes with AS will join in the discussion and answer question about staying active and successfully managing spondylitis.
Moderated by: ElinAslanyan
Last Post 06/04/19 05:42 AM, by DadAgain
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06/04/19 05:42 AM
by DadAgain
Marriage, Spouses and Significant Others
Discussion for adults seeking support while in a marriage or relationship.
Moderated by: ElinAslanyan
Last Post 05/26/18 11:39 PM, by Brooke6
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05/26/18 11:39 PM
by Brooke6
Careers, Jobs & Spondylitis
Last Post 05/07/18 12:51 PM, by Brooke6
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05/07/18 12:51 PM
by Brooke6
Questions About USA Social Security Disability Benefits (2 viewing)
This board is for you to have your general questions about Social Security disability benefits answered by volunteer attorney Richard I. Feingold, who represents claimants nationwide.. He is the former Chair of the Chicago Bar Association's Social Security Law Committee and is a sustaining member of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives.
Moderated by: ElinAslanyan
Last Post 07/16/18 02:15 AM, by Freddie
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07/16/18 02:15 AM
by Freddie
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