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Quell device

Posted By: MartinMMM

Quell device - 04/24/18 05:35 PM

I've been using the Quell device now for a week and wanted to report on my experience with it. Since using it my overall level in every effected joint and tendon has improved dramatically. Fatigue has also decreased and my sleep has improved as well.

It's been easy to use and the learning curve is not at all steep. It's convenient to wear once you get used to it. My only complaint is that if you are an active person the electrode strip wears out faster than they claim it will. I would recommend trying it - especially if you're trying to avoid the various pain meds since this has no psychoactive effects.

Here is their website:

Amazon also carries it and the electrode replacements.
Posted By: WhiteCell

Re: Quell device - 04/25/18 01:05 AM

Interesting. Do you know of any studies which evaluated it?
Posted By: Photosinpink

Re: Quell device - 05/28/18 12:39 AM

Just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to MartinMMM for this post. I was really beginning to lose hope, but I ordered a Quell and and after a few days am feeling so much better. I wasn't sure if the Quell was really making a difference, so took it off to sleep a few nights ago, and was back to terrible when I woke up. To WhiteCell, yes, there are a number of studies of Quell. It was available by prescription only at first, but is now available without. There are studies--you can find the citations on their website.

I would say my pain is better by a good 80%.
Posted By: MartinMMM

Re: Quell device - 05/28/18 01:07 PM

I'm glad you're getting such a good response - similar to mine. Since I've been using it I've been able to get back into the gym for some demanding workouts and yes, I'd say between 80 - 90% pain reduction, varying somewhat from day to day. Let's hope it continues!
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