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#50316 - 10/05/06 04:27 PM Pain and stiffness where legs meet the body
postal2 Offline
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Registered: 04/17/05
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Loc: Kennewick, Washington
Lately my crotch area hurts and feels stiff when I walk (lovely, I know, :rolleyes: ). Have any of you had this? It is where my legs meet my body. It was only on one side, now it is both. I don't see the Rhuemy till January, so I thought I would ask my buddies here smile
Thanks, Gail

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#50317 - 10/05/06 05:06 PM Re: Pain and stiffness where legs meet the body
Tiregoddess1 Offline

Registered: 06/03/03
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Loc: Cleveland, Ohio area

I have that all the time when I walk. Don't really know what it is specifically. I'm sure someone here will explain.


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#50318 - 10/05/06 05:30 PM Re: Pain and stiffness where legs meet the body
MsJay Offline
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I have it also, and man it hurts. Rheumatologist said it is my left hip causing the problem, and probably the right hip too, but I have it more on the right side but if I have to walk a longs ways, both sides hurt like heck. He has ruled out peripheral artery disease, thinks it is my hip and knee that is causing it. I agree, it is very painful and nothing helps but to get off your feet.
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#50319 - 10/05/06 06:34 PM Re: Pain and stiffness where legs meet the body
Mary Beth Offline
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It could be referred pain from your hips. They say hips refer pain to the front and SI's refer it to the back/ down the leg.

However, when my SI's were most likely fusing, I would get abdominal pain. And sometimes if I overdo it as far as physical activity and my SI's and/or hips are acting up, I get pelvic pain that almost feels like I'm getting a urinary tract infection. We recently moved, and carrying boxes up and down steps set me off. I did think I was getting a UTI, but the fact that the pain came up every time I carried boxes and disappeared on days I did not (plus went away completely with 2 advil) made me realize it was either SI or hip pain.
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#50320 - 10/05/06 09:47 PM Re: Pain and stiffness where legs meet the body
mariposa Offline
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Registered: 11/08/05
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Yep, I get that. It feels like something is "catching" in that area and if I could just move my leg the right way, it would release and stop hurting.

It is actual hip joint problems that cause the pain in the groin area. SI joint pain can be in the back area, but also in the side of your hips (as in put your hands on your hips).

I get the other pain discussed here too in the abdominal area, but that is above the leg crease, more like very low abdomen on either side.


#50321 - 10/05/06 11:20 PM Re: Pain and stiffness where legs meet the body
Terry Stephens Offline
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Loc: Michigan
My AS started in my SI joints pre fusion years ago I had times when I felt like a steel rod was being driven up my scrotum graphic but thats exactingly what it felt like. I wonder if men would present the same or differently in reference to this pain and its relationship?

#50322 - 10/06/06 12:41 AM Re: Pain and stiffness where legs meet the body
Kay101629 Offline
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Yes, mine is right in the crease where standard cut undies go. My hips are really bothering me when this happens. Mine will actually feel like I am bruised there when I press on that area.

#50323 - 10/06/06 06:17 AM Re: Pain and stiffness where legs meet the body
Jimmyhonda Offline
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Registered: 01/03/06
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hi postal - you need to really take this matter seriously.

ask your doctor for xrays on your hips - there is a chance of osteo-arthritis setting in.

I had this problem early, but the doc couldn't detect a thing that was wrong with my hips. as years gone by, my hips got worsten, and the "flare" starts eating away the cartilages of my hip.

better to take glucosamine - if you don't have seafood allergy to be on the safe side or else you might fall into the catergory of having a hip replacement later on in life.

remember - prevention is better than cure. back then, i told myself, i wouldn't end up that bad...but now it's too late.

#50324 - 10/06/06 06:17 AM Re: Pain and stiffness where legs meet the body
Beth L Offline
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Registered: 08/19/05
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Loc: Toccoa, Georgia
Mouse, I have the exact same pain as you described. In the crotch area and lower abdominal type pain. In fact my first symptom with my hips was the lower abdominal pain when I would stand. Also like Saundra I feel bruised when the area is touched. I was also told it was my hips causing the pain. I was glad to see someone discuss this type of pain, thanks Gail! wink

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#50325 - 10/06/06 07:04 AM Re: Pain and stiffness where legs meet the body
KarenB Offline
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Loc: Northern California
I have had the type of pain Kay writes of. Sometimes it feels like a tight rubberband is around my right leg, exactlly where my undies would be. (even when I am not wearing undies, naughtie me!) -Karen-
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