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#132527 - 01/09/09 12:08 PM Swallowing Problems & "Lazy Esophagus" ?!
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Anybody out there is Ank-Spond land have this problem?

The latest problems I have developed are choking and coughing (hard and for a long time) while eating & while sleeping (wakes me up of course). A "swallowing test" revealed that the muscles in my tongue, throat and epiglottis are not working in sync and are also "weak." The study further revealed that I have a "lazy esophagus" with food requiring more 30 seconds or more to work its way down to the stomach. The choking I have been experiencing is from food getting into my air way. The coughing is caused by getting food into both my air way and pushed up into my sinuses. While the doctors and speech language pathologist (specializes in things like this) are going "hmmmmm" and try to figure out what's causing this, I am having to eat bites no larger than 1 teaspoon in size, chew it to a pulp, and chase bite with a swallow of water. I am to wait a while between bites. When I swallow, I have been instructed to hold my head a little forward & lower than normal, which I am told will help protect the airway when I swallow. No talking during meals, and have to keep my head facing straight ahead when swallowing, and have "concentrate" while swallowing. It takes me about 90 minutes to eat an apple, a few corn chips and a 2-4 oz. piece of meat. It's working, no choking or coughing when I follow these instructions. But I am not able to fit the 4-5 "small meals" into the day, so a "calorie deficit" is a side effect. Having food allergies to dairy, eggs, & host of others keeps me from creating high-calorie meals, too. Bummer!
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#134718 - 02/11/09 11:41 AM Re: Swallowing Problems & "Lazy Esophagus" ?! [Re: Backstrap Bill]
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I have a swallowing problem but not all the time. Sometimes I can take a bite of food and it gets stuck in my throat. I can still breath but the pain is horrible. Inevitably, what ever I am eating is going to come back up. I have learned to not eat while driving because this happened to me the other day. (Thank goodness I have leather seats in my truck) My question is....is this part of Spondylistis?

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#134740 - 02/11/09 04:18 PM Re: Swallowing Problems & "Lazy Esophagus" ?! [Re: Boots&Jeans]
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Wow! How bad is that? Eating seems to be the only thing I can do pain free and now this! Crap!

Seriously, I too have had a few episodes of waking in the night choking and occasionally have the feeling of food stuck in my throat. Never thought too much about it until read this post. Crap, Crap, Crap! LOL

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#134765 - 02/11/09 08:42 PM Re: Swallowing Problems & "Lazy Esophagus" ?! [Re: aslee9]
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Hey, Backstrap. I'm from Montana, too. Must be the water. I have what the ENT doc dx as crycheopharyngeal muscle spasms. Don't trust that spelling. I have no idea which autoimmune it is associated with, tho. when I was dx with that, they were looking for MS.


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