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#192387 - 12/17/10 04:38 PM HLA - B27 positive, HIV immunity and CURE?!
kawasakiguy37 Offline
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Recently stumbled upon this article:


Pretty cool! Seems the bone marrow from an HLA-B27 positive individual was transplanted into someone who was HIV positive and they have now been negative for over 2 years. While it is hard to say this is a "cure," it certainly seems promising

Im going to go register for bone marrow donation immediately!
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#192388 - 12/17/10 04:49 PM Re: HLA - B27 positive, HIV immunity and CURE?! [Re: kawasakiguy37]
JenInCincy Offline
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Fascinating! But where did you get that the idea that "genetic mutation that makes [about 1% of Europeans'] cells resistant to HIV infection" is HLA-B27?

And while this is very cool, the article did go on to say:

"Is this a viable cure for HIV? Not by a long shot. Even Huetter says bone-marrow transplants, which kill about a third of patients, are so dangerous that "they can't be justified ethically" in anything other than desperate situations like late-stage leukemia."

Far from a cure, unfortunately, and not accessible to the people in developing nations who most desperately need effective means to stop the destruction HIV/AIDS is causing :*(

That said - it is free, easy, and virtually painless to register as a marrow (and organ/tissue!!) donor - I encourage everyone to do it today if you haven't already! And then - tell your loved ones so they will carry out your wishes.

Editing, I looked around to see how this guy is doing now (the article you linked to was from 2008) - apparently he is well with no sign of HIV or cancer!


Editing again, the doctor has just published a VERY long paper in a well respected journal (blood) on this case... it has no references to HLA-B27. Here is a link to the article for those who can slog through 30 pages of intensely technical jargon:

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#192391 - 12/17/10 05:06 PM Re: HLA - B27 positive, HIV immunity and CURE?! [Re: JenInCincy]
Majestic Offline
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HLA-B27+ is renowned for extending lifespan in HIV infected patients.
However in this article they are talking about a genetic modification on the cell surface called CCR-5-delta-32.

I am unsure of CCR-5-delta-32 relationship to HLA-B27 if any.

#192393 - 12/17/10 05:48 PM Re: HLA - B27 positive, HIV immunity and CURE?! [Re: Majestic]
Banana Offline
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I was going to say, I read this article last week and didn't see any reference to HLA-B27. Whew, I thought I was losing it.

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