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#194652 - 01/13/11 07:03 PM Do you personally still drink (while on NSAIDS)?
Dade Offline
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Registered: 11/27/10
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Loc: Texas
I'm currently away for business, and will be for the next two weeks. While here, would love to (and in some cases need to) have dinner with old dear friends and a few new contacts. Typically, I would like those dinners to include wine... 1-3 glasses.

I'm currently on Diclofenac, and it's working well, but I'm just a month in -- the pharmacist told me to avoid alcohol because it's too hard on the stomach, so for New Year's Eve I skipped my meds in favor of alcohol for one nt... and paid for it the next few days. Obviously, I can't do that for two weeks.

I'm wondering what your relationship is with alcohol now? What have you learned about moderate amounts of alcohol and your meds? I understand none of this supplants doc-advice, but I'm curious.

Thanks kindly...

#194655 - 01/13/11 07:10 PM Re: Do you personally still drink (while on NSAIDS)? [Re: Dade]
canadianeh Offline
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Registered: 08/07/09
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Loc: Canada
There is no reason you can't have a few glasses of wine while on an NSAID. Both alcohol, coffee and NSAIDS can irritate the stomach.

Over the counter therapies that can help include famotidine (Pepcid) and omeprazole (Prilosec). Maalox and TUMS can also provide some relief.

If you take the alcohol with food (and take the NSAID with food) it may be less likely to irritate your stomach.
Undifferentiated Spondyloarthropathy (HLA B27 +)Dx Jan 08,on flurbiprofen (Froben), pantoprazole. One THR (other pending),episcleritis,peripheral and axial arthritis. Recently stopped Enbrel due to skin rash. Humira stopped due to double vision. Surgery for sinus infection and double vision. Back on Humira...

#194659 - 01/13/11 07:18 PM Re: Do you personally still drink (while on NSAIDS)? [Re: canadianeh]
JenInCincy Offline
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Registered: 05/19/08
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Loc: Cincinnati, OH
Okay, this is JUST MY EXPERIENCE and MY CHOICES. I am NOT offering this as advice. Everybody does react differently to drugs/substances we put in our bodies.

First, several NSAIDs caused me GI problems including diclofenac. I'm now on meloxicam (once per day, late evening) which does not.

I am a red wine drinker, have a couple glasses with/after dinner most nights. Have for YEARS. Occasional beer drinker in the summertime. No GI or liver lab problems since that time I overdid it in college on my 21st birthday wink

In all seriousness: have searched for clarity/actual information on this topic but it is not to be found. In general, alcohol is demonized in American society when alcohol consumption is not, in itself, a social or personal problem or failing. In fact, the health *benefits* of reasonable, moderate, regular alcohol consumption outweigh the *negatives*. Binge drinking and excessive daily drinking are the source of the problems for both individual health & well-being, and society at large. But those are all conclusions I've come to on the general study of alcohol consumption, not in re: its relationship to/interaction with NSAIDs or any other medications.

It is a personal decision. If either the NSAID or alcohol is a stomach irritant for you, it would be a good idea not to take them together.

Whatever you decide, have fun with your socializing!
Jen, 42, happy partner of James and Moma to Evan, 14, & Lucy, 12.5 (Crohn's dx @ age 3; on Remicade since April 2010.) I take piroxicam, Flexeril, & Nucynta ER nightly. 3 anti-TNFs didn't pan out for me.

"Science is the father of knowledge, but opinion breeds ignorance." -- Hippocrates

#194663 - 01/13/11 07:23 PM Re: Do you personally still drink (while on NSAIDS)? [Re: JenInCincy]
Banana Offline
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Registered: 07/23/06
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Loc: New York
I have always drank and my liver has been fine. I also continued to drink red wine on MTX but I took the MTX on Tuesdays and only drank on weekends. My doctor suggested sticking to red wine as it is actually good for you, and no hard liquer. I have broken that once in a while but rarely have beer now. Just red wine.

Actema IV once a month (with pre loading for allergic reaction), Cymbalta x1 daily, Arava 20mg daily. Diagnosed with AS in 2004, suffered undiagnosed since 1982.

#194671 - 01/13/11 07:47 PM Re: Do you personally still drink (while on NSAIDS)? [Re: Banana]
Jdog Offline
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Registered: 06/23/10
Posts: 179
I don't myself drink nearly as much as I used to since taking aleve most days. I just don't want to risk any more damage to my organs. I also don't want to feel any more fatigued than I already do in the morning. That said I still do drink 1 or 2 beers on the weekend, and I enjoy that! For whatever reason I used to be a vodka lover and now I HATE any liquor, I don't know if it relates to aleve or the way my body is now, but can't help to think that AS has given me an aversion to liquor, or anything very bad for my body. I'm visiting great friends in London and Scotland this year, and know we'll be visiting scotch distilleries. I'm already worried about how much I'll be tempted to drink.
Good luck on your trip. I hope you can enjoy yourself whatever your decision is!

#194679 - 01/13/11 08:52 PM Re: Do you personally still drink (while on NSAIDS)? [Re: Jdog]
mel2nc Offline
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Registered: 11/13/10
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Loc: NC
That's good to hear, Banana.....I like a glass of wine occasionally but when they put me on MTX, I have abstained altogether-- fear, I guess. I have been tempted to have a glass of wine but have not so far. I don't think one glass of red wine per week is going to be a problem so I will try it on the next special occasion that comes up and see what my labs do....

I don't take NSAIDs daily so I can't comment on that-- but I have been known to take Motrin with wine in the past and it didn't bother me.

Melissa in NC--43 yo working mother of 2 elementary kids and wife to a great hubby!

Dx: AS in 2009, moderately severe uveitis,gastroparesis.

Humira 40mg (twice a month), Methotrexate 20mg, Flexeril, Ibuprofen, Prilosec, Vitamin D, Folic Acid, and anti-inflammatory eye drops.

#194695 - 01/13/11 10:37 PM Re: Do you personally still drink (while on NSAIDS)? [Re: mel2nc]
seekonk Offline
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Registered: 12/06/10
Posts: 1254
I like the occasional glass of red wine, but I haven't been able to have any in the past year, not because of NSAIDs but because of Tramadol - if I drink anything while on Tramadol I get nauseous during the night.
Spondylitis since '08, finally diagnosed Feb '11.
Enbrel 50mg/week.

#194700 - 01/13/11 11:01 PM Re: Do you personally still drink (while on NSAIDS)? [Re: seekonk]
Dade Offline
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Registered: 11/27/10
Posts: 353
Loc: Texas
Thank you all for sharing -- makes me feel a bit bolder! It also helps that, so far, I've had no stomach issues that I'm aware of.

Yay, wine! I've missed it, and while I'm not a big drinker regardless these days, suddenly thinking I had to go without forever was just one more reason to resent this DX.

(I'm so ordering steak to go with my glass of red this weekend!)

#194706 - 01/13/11 11:23 PM Re: Do you personally still drink (while on NSAIDS)? [Re: Dade]
asgirl Offline
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Registered: 01/12/11
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Loc: Kentucky
I think you should look at your individual situation. I have GERD, IBSD, and no gallbladder. I have been on acid reflux meds for more than 14 years, and a strong NSAID regiment for more than 3. One thing that I seem to handle well as far as alchohol is concerned is a glass of merlot or cabernet. I limit myself to 2. I know people with less GI issues who can't drink on NSAIDS and I know people with worse GI issues who can drink more. You might want to gently test the waters if the only concern your Dr. has is stomach irritation.
AS Dx'd Feb'11 symptoms for 2-3 years
GERD & IBSD 10+ years
Asthma 25+ years
Spondylolisthesis 2+ years

#194707 - 01/13/11 11:25 PM Re: Do you personally still drink (while on NSAIDS)? [Re: Dade]
iviary Offline
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Registered: 11/30/10
Posts: 2008
Loc: North Texas
I always drank in moderation when I was just on NSAIDs, usually paying for it a tiny bit where my GI stuff was concerned. If I had more than about 2 servings though, I would invariably vomit. I've found that with my current drug cocktail, I feel TERRIBLE the next day if I drink at all. I can have less than one full serving, but I wake up with a terrible hangover headache, nausea, diarrhea, and my achiness goes through the roof. As a result, short of a few sips of champagne on New Year's Eve, it's been a few months since I drank. It sucks. I find myself craving red wine or irish cream regularly. My husband and I used to grab a margarita every Friday night. Now I just watch him drink his, which isn't nearly as fun for either of us. frown

Edited to add that I just realized our regular waiter probably thinks I'm pregnant since I abstain every week. :P

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Mary, 25, happily married pro photographer, momma to 2 great danes.
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