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#196963 - 02/06/11 11:04 AM NSAIDs and wisdom teeth extraction
TennisAce Offline
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My daughter needs to have her imbedded wisdom teeth out right after finals at college. She needs to work the summer for money, so we need to do it in the beginning

We didn't get an appt set up over Christmasbreak, so what the nurse is suggesting they have done for other patients is a Monday appt for consult and insurance and a Friday extration. Fine, but she is on pretty max dose of NSAIDs. Do I have to worry about bleeding and discontinuing the NSAIDs? Anyone know?

Nurse didn't, and emailed the Rhumy.
Daughter diagnosed 2004; son diagnosed 2006. Both are currently without spondy meds and currently in a medicine induced remissions. One has been pharma free for 3 years; the other one for 2 years.

#196964 - 02/06/11 11:21 AM Re: NSAIDs and wisdom teeth extraction [Re: TennisAce]
holydiver Offline
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Hi TA!

What we do with our patients (surgical dentistry) is discontinue ASA one week prior. We usually leave the NSAIDS alone and warn the patients that they may seep a little more than one who doesn't take the NSAIDS. We also put our patients on a medrol 4 mg dosepack- if they want to pull her off the nsaids maybe she could start taking a medrol pack a day prior to her extractions? She should be fine either way... she has youth on her side!!!

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#196966 - 02/06/11 11:55 AM Re: NSAIDs and wisdom teeth extraction [Re: holydiver]
WhiteCell Offline
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If she is comfortable on her current medication and there is no contraindication then staying on her current pain medication will go a long way to help her recover comfortably IMO. Sometimes vicodin will also be prescribed and typically does well with dental pain.
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#196971 - 02/06/11 01:27 PM Re: NSAIDs and wisdom teeth extraction [Re: WhiteCell]
taberge Offline
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I had an implant surgically inserted to replace a lost tooth. I had strict instructions to discontinue the NSAID one week before having the procedure done.

#196977 - 02/06/11 03:16 PM Re: NSAIDs and wisdom teeth extraction [Re: taberge]
JenInCincy Offline
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She needs to ask the dentist who will be doing the extractions.
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#196988 - 02/06/11 04:51 PM Re: NSAIDs and wisdom teeth extraction [Re: JenInCincy]
Banana Offline
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Yes, I was told to stop NSAIDS 7 days before extraction. NSAIDs cause bleeding which you want to prevent. If you want to do the Monday=Friday thing, stop the NSAIDS Sat just in case.

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