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Hi everyone,

This is Deepthi, 26yrs old. From more than a year i am having back and neck pain. Now i am having pain in my hands and legs too(esp in wrist & toes). People around me says that the pain what i am undergoing might be due to SPONDYlITIS. Recently i have undergone for cervical spine(AP/LAT) and the result shows : LOSS OF CERVICAL LORDOSIS-MUSCULAR SPASM. I want to know what problem am i having and what does LOSS OF CERVICAL LORDOSIS-MUSCULAR SPASM mean.

And i want to know what all the blood tests need to be done to diagnose if the pain what i have is due to SPONDYLITIS

Thanks in Advance.


#212883 - 07/20/11 02:37 PM Re: LOSS OF CERVICAL LORDOSIS-MUSCULAR SPASM [Re: Deepz]
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I googled the cervical lordosis and i think it's when your neck is straight- when it needs to have some curve. I'm sure you've already done this-- but it can happen for many reasons- from trauma to bad posture. (i think!) Do you have muscle spasms? because-- that could be why- at least i think that's why they've listed that. even if you don't feel a spasm-- feel your muscles-- they are probably quite tense. Did you have an x-ray or an MRI?

I've had back/neck issues for years and my neck is a mess (with the help of trauma- so i have a replacement disc in C5/6). My neck is not aligned properly. (neither is the low back/mid back- i have scolosis) I've been going to the chiropractor to work on the low back to help the neck. I've been warned to be careful with chiropractors because with AS (and i might have RA instead)-- we need to be more careful. (just thought i'd share that warning-- it's helped me stay off pain killers though)

So-- I'd make sure you get to your family doctor and ask for an arthritis work up. The HLA B27 gene is what many of us have (some still have AS and don't have the gene). Most of the other tests are for inflammation. Rheumatoid Arthritis can affect the cervical spine (there are disagreements though)-- so i'd also ask for the Rheumatoid factor test.

Good luck. I hope you find relief. Remember that with these issues-- it can take YEARS for a diagnosis. It really stinks, but I figured I'd remind you that you may have a long road ahead--just getting answers.

Good luck.
33yr Female with HLA B27+, but no evidence on X-rays. Also slightly elevated RA/RF factor with normal inflammation blood work. Pred., Methotrexate, NSAIDS, Folic acid, pain meds, and just started Enbrel trial.

#212897 - 07/20/11 09:57 PM Re: LOSS OF CERVICAL LORDOSIS-MUSCULAR SPASM [Re: Deepz]
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Interesting that your xray report was specific about the cause of the loss of lordosis. I have your same Xray findings ("complete loss of cervical lordosis") but it was the rheumatologist that explained to me that muscles spasms were the likely cause. He believes my spasms are in response to inflammation caused by my Ankylosing Spondylitis.

In simple terms, and as I understand it, here's the gist:

We all are meant to have a natural curve in our neck (our neck is referred to as our "cervical spine" in xray reports.) This curvature keeps our head balanced nicely over our shoulders, and reduces the strain needed to keep our head up.

Loss or cervical lordosis simply means that your neck is straightening, losing the normal, healthy curve and optimum positioning. The result of this, for me, is that my head often feels heavy and forward-leaning, like a bowling ball in front of my body. This causes increased strain on my neck/shoulders, poor posture, and terrible headaches.

Fortunately, as I understand it from my rheumy, this is not necessarily a permanent condition. I do proper neck exercises and stretches (there are some good ones on this site) to try and better my neck posture, and continue my medicine to combat the inflammation and reduce the muscle spasms. Over time, my lordotic curve will hopefully return to normal -- I certainly have felt much better in that area since starting my NSAIDs/stretching.

Hope this helps.


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