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#240305 - 09/11/12 10:12 AM Welcome to the new "Recommend Your PT" Forum!
Chris Miller

Regular stretching and strengthening exercises help spondylitis patients maintain good posture, flexibility and eventually help to lessen pain. In many cases, good posture and mobility can even be regained with proper doses of medicine and exercise. Most people with spondylitis feel much better with exercise, although the inflammatory nature of the disease makes it difficult for some people to feel physically able to exercise. And certain exercises are potentially dangerous for the person with spondylitis. Enter the physical therapist (PT).

Physical Therapists (PTs) play a crucial role in the lives of people with spondylitis, regardless of the person's level of physical impairment. Some people have the notion that physical therapy is used only for injuries or after surgery. While spondylitis patients may need physical therapy for such occasions, they can benefit from using a physical therapist knowledgeable with the disease to create an appropriate exercise treatment plan. Depending on the person's health and goals, physical therapy may last a couple of sessions or develop into a regular, long-term schedule.

The challenge is to find a PT with experience working with people who have ankylosing spondylitis or related condition. Here at SAA, we'd like to create a recommended Physical Therapist directory to help people find a suitable PT. Please use this forum to recommend and/or discuss your experiences with your PTs.

#240315 - 09/11/12 12:19 PM Re: Welcome to the new "Recommend Your PT" Forum! [Re: ]
tiabird Offline
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I am looking for a good physical therapist in Northern Virginia. I understand completely the need to exercise and would love to have someone help me avoid injuries that always make me stop.

#240321 - 09/11/12 02:03 PM Re: Welcome to the new "Recommend Your PT" Forum! [Re: ]
JenInCincy Offline
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Chris, has any research been done on patient outcomes comparing people who receive spondy-specific PT versus those who receive more generic PT or personal training versus those who develop their own exercise regimens or follow guidance such as SAA's DVDs or the UK's NASS' patient brochure which provides detailed instructions for a bunch of exercises/stretches?

My experience is that PTs know a lot about rehab after injury, surgery, stroke, etc. and about general or core conditioning/strengthening/flexibility. But I've yet to have one (even those who have specialized knowledge of the pelvis) who had anything specific to offer regarding spondylitis. While they have recommended exercises that helped with core strength and flexibility, none of it had the impact I was looking for: reducing my daily pain.

I realize everyone is different, and I'm not down on PT. I actually believe PTs have a lot of knowledge and are very committed towards helping others. I know some folks have had great success with PT, but I also know a lot of spondies here have had experiences like mine .... so there is a lot of collective moaning and groaning: "PT, again??!!"

Thanks smile
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"Science is the father of knowledge, but opinion breeds ignorance." -- Hippocrates

#240364 - 09/12/12 08:22 AM Re: Welcome to the new "Recommend Your PT" Forum! [Re: ]
sunny5 Offline
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I have a great Physical Therapist that I see in Rochester, New York. His name is James Byers and he works for Callan Harris Physical Therapy. He specializes in pain management. He has helped me get back into an exercise routine. I feel much better than I did three months ago.
Kari, 46 years old, diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis and Enthesitis, January 2013. Sjogrens, GERD, gastritis, asthma, kidney stones, Hashimotos thyroiditis (Nov.2012). HLA-B27+. Currently on Enbrel, 20mg Methotrexate weekly, Folic Acid, Flovent, Naproxen, Levothyroxine.


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