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#250539 - 04/06/13 12:24 AM natural way to prevent spinal fusion
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is there natural way to prevent spinal fusion
seronegative spondyloarthritis or psoriatic arthritis from 2010,

#250586 - 04/08/13 10:15 AM Re: natural way to prevent spinal fusion [Re: sNsA]
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There is no way, "natural" or not, to prevent fusion. The subject is explored in the following article. It is free to read but very scientific & hard to follow (for me anyway.)

Jen, 42, happy partner of James and Moma to Evan, 14, & Lucy, 12.5 (Crohn's dx @ age 3; on Remicade since April 2010.) I take piroxicam, Flexeril, & Nucynta ER nightly. 3 anti-TNFs didn't pan out for me.

"Science is the father of knowledge, but opinion breeds ignorance." -- Hippocrates

#268678 - 10/02/14 03:09 PM Re: natural way to prevent spinal fusion [Re: sNsA]
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A lot of people swear by the low/no starch diet as a means of putting their ankylosing spondylitis into remission. I've just started it recently, have seen some improvement, but definitely am not living life pain/fusion free.

You can read more over at www.kickas.org.

#270927 - 04/04/15 02:54 AM Re: natural way to prevent spinal fusion [Re: sNsA]
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A few years ago I lost a good portion of side to side movement by turning my head.I started to excercise by turning my head side to side everyday and regained a good portion of what I lost.I am not recommending this for everybody but it helped me..
There are potential side effects with every med and some people have a higher threshold for pain. Early on in my disease I was helped with Doxycycline and a high protein diet.
You need one or more good caring physicians to help you and to keep track of any damage and inflammation that is going on.
Best regards, Mike