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#250896 - 04/15/13 07:18 AM Another AS sufferer
jmh Offline
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Hi guys i just stumbled upon this site i was watching a video on youtube

To make a long story short. My dad had AS and it was bad he had a few hip replacements and he was bent over spine was fused,

Now iam 36 yrs old i still have great mobility but i have been diagnosed with it 4 yrs ago with AS , I already knew i had it before i had a MRI done only reason for that was because i had broke 3 vertebrae's and the doctors told me i had it i was like yeah i know they asked me what i do for treatment i said keep active and take 15mg of mobic when needed he said great but treatment has improved over the years

So now lately i have been getting sore more frequent. Iam getting scared to death lately i dont want to end up like my dad but i know its likly i will

I have decided today iam going to get in contact with the Arthritis Clinic at the hospital that i was in when i broke my back

I want to get the most out of my heatl for my wife and daughter while i can

Thanks You

#273612 - 03/15/16 02:14 AM Re: Another AS sufferer [Re: jmh]
LarryC213 Offline
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Hello jmh, I am very sorry to hear that, but I do agree that things have gotten better as far as treatment is concerned. I do not think that you have to follow the exact same path that your father did. One thing that I discovered over the last several years, and I believe that it has made a very positive difference for me is an herb called Turmeric. It has been used as a medicine in India for over a thousand years. It helps by fighting inflammation. I think that anyone with AS or any other chronic illness with pain and inflammation should give it a try. And unlike most things, Turmeric is very inexpensive. Good luck and please let is know how you are doing.
Larry Campbell
North Carolina

#273893 - 04/06/16 04:28 PM Re: Another AS sufferer [Re: jmh]
sdot Offline
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I have been using Turmeric as part of my treatment strategy and I have to say it is worth it. It may not be as powerful perhaps as what your doctor prescribes, but it is helpful.