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#265294 - 03/28/14 01:24 PM Great Rec for the Bay Area, CA please?
jenni29 Offline
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Hello All,

Can anyone highly recommend a Dr. that has really helped them in the Bay Area?

Also open to flying elsewhere for anyone's Dr. that they've had great success with.

Thank you!

#265305 - 03/29/14 09:07 AM Re: Great Rec for the Bay Area, CA please? [Re: jenni29]
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Kenneth Weisner in Sacramento CA Sacramento Rheumatology. about 90 minutes from SF.
Since 18 years old - began as Reiter's Syndrome. Diagnosed with Ank Spon 2001. Remicade since 2002 - 5mg/kg every 7 weeks. 8 hour Tylenol and hot tubs for pain.

Severe Right Eye Glaucoma-
Trabeculectomy/lens replacement 2006.
DSEK Cornea Transplant October, 2009.
Ahmed Shunt June, 2016.
DSEK Cornea Transplant, November, 2016.

Supra Ventricular Tachycardia. 2004.
Cured by RF ablation 2006.
Cardizem 240 CD.

ICU RN Seattle, WA

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#271997 - 08/15/15 01:22 PM Re: Great Rec for the Bay Area, CA please? [Re: jenni29]
Sheep1 Offline
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Hi jenni29-

Don't know if you're still looking for a rheumy in SF, but I've found a great one who I think finally gave me a correct diagnosis. I've been to so many orthopedic surgeons, back specialists, and two rheumys and after a long road, was diagnosed with fibromyaliga in 2011, which I may or may not have according to my new rheumy.

Her name is Dr. Nancy Carteron. Unfortunately, she is out-of-network for almost all insurance plans, although she does take Medicare, and her office will submit the bill to your insurance plan for you- but be aware that you have to pay for the first consult up front. Her first consult is pretty expensive, but our insurance pays 70% for out of network and will reimburse us.

I was so happy with her. Her office assistant told me when I made the appointment to bring in any copies of images I might have (not just MRI and X-ray reports, but the actual images on disk), and on the patient history form, it said "if you have a long and complicated history, please write out a timeline of your symptoms and medical history back from the time you felt well". The last time I felt completely normal was 1985- so I had prepared a 4 page typed timeline. At my consult appointment, she took about 25 minutes to actually read through all 4 pages of my written history, and looked at all my images and bloodwork results before calling me back to her office. She did a quick exam, and we spent the rest of the hour talking about my history and her impressions. The other two rheumy's I had been to diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, although the last rheumy did at least do an HLA-B27 test (I"m positive) and an x-ray of my SI-joints but didn't seem too concerned.

Dr. Carteron found some things in my imaging that weren't written in the radiology reports (she said radiologists don't always see everything) that pointed to inflammatory arthritis, and based on my history of symptoms, bloodwork results, ended up diagnosing me with undifferentiated spondyloarthritis. I finally feel like I have a correct diagnosis...

Dr. Carteron's office is at the California Pacific Medical Center on Webster street.

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48 yo female, history of back pain since 1985, fatigue since 2009
-USpA diagnosis in August, 2015. Changed to PsA in 2016
-Erosions in finger joints
-HLA-B27 +
-Other: fibromyalgia dx in 2011 (wrong dx), endometriosis, severe pollen allergies
-Medications: Humira (since Oct, 2015). Weekly Humira start in Sept., 2016. Methotrexate (Dec. 2016). Aleve (as needed only), Lyrica, Tramadol, Baclofen, Vicoden, Tylenol, Xanax. Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid. Allergy Immunotherapy shots since 2009


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