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#272457 - 10/06/15 10:21 PM childhood stress and chronic illness
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I am the mother of a 33 year old with AS. NPR had a story several days ago (sept 29) regarding an article published in the American College of Cardiology showing a correlation between childhood stress and chronic diseases in adulthood.  So now i wonder have i contributed to my son's AS. We were never negligent or abusive but maybe i nagged too much? Do other parents worry about this?

#272531 - 10/26/15 01:09 PM Re: childhood stress and chronic illness [Re: perro]
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Hey - we all nagged! It is very easy to look back and think about the things we would do differently if we could do it over again.I always joked that it would be nice if we could each have a "robot child" that we could practice on before we have the real thing so that we could get our mistakes out of the way. As the mother of 4, there will always be things that we would probably redo differently if we could, no matter how many children we have. Our 4 kids range from 20 to 31 in age, and only our youngest has AS- diagnosed at age 11. I guarantee you that by the time he came along, I was a very relaxed parent- he practically raised himself (not really, but I was not stressed out at all with him). If anyone were
going to have a chronic disease as a result of a nagging parent, it should have been one of my first ones!

Don't beat yourself up. AS is an auto-immune disease that your son would have had no matter how you nagged him. Certainly stress can most likely cause flare-ups, but if he wasn't diagnosed until adulthood, it has nothing to do with how you raised him. You probably didn't nag him more than any of us do so let yourself off of the hook!

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