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#272583 - 11/04/15 10:16 AM Pregnancy
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I am wondering if anyone can tell me how pregnancy was for them, and if pregnancy worsened their condition?

A little bit about me: I have Ankylosing Spondylitis in my SI joints, Iritis, Pancolitis as well as chronic pain in both shoulders.

Iíve not had an MRI, but on an X-Ray the rest of my spine looks OK aside from spondylolisthesis on L5, about a 5mm slip forward.

I do not sleep very well. Usually only about 3-4 hrs at a time until the pain wakes me up. In the mornings I feel and look like Iíve been in a traffic accident.
I do not take anti-inflammatories due to colitis. My rheumatologist wants me to go on Remicade or Humira but I havenít wanted to because we would like to have a baby. He also said that being pregnant would be very painful for me. So I just wanted to ask how other women fared during pregnancy? Especially if you had radiological changes before becoming pregnant (though not sure if that makes a difference?)

Thank you so much!!

#273177 - 01/28/16 03:09 PM Re: Pregnancy [Re: Foster]
rarejul Offline
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I became pregnant before I was officially diagnosed with AS. My doctor said my pregnancy was a "text book" pregnancy - until delivery when I had to have a C-section but that was totally unrelated to AS. However, after the C-section, my feet literally swelled up five times the normal size. It took three months before I could wear regular shoes again. AS continues to impact my feet. Other tip, after the baby is born, be careful lifting! The SI joints will thank you later!

#273586 - 03/12/16 12:22 PM Re: Pregnancy [Re: Foster]
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Mine was a mixed bag, I suppose. My AS pain started in my 2nd trimester and I was diagnosed four months postpartum (fatigue started 4 years ago). I was of course told my pain was sciatic and that it would disappear soon after delivery. I don't know the cause but I gave birth 2 months early. Fortunately I was able to give birth vaginally. I suppose, other than the 2nd trimester pain (that I now know was AS) that had me on crutches for a few weeks and the baby coming 2 months early, mine was a fairly typical first pregnancy for someone in their late 30s. I hear and have read that people with autoimmune conditions often have symptoms get much worse or much better during pregnancy. I'm sure it's a challenge to think about it and not know what to expect.

#274375 - 05/05/16 02:26 PM Re: Pregnancy [Re: Foster]
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I have had 2 babies after AS diagnosis. With both my preg I remained on enbrel during preg and had no issues
Female, 35, Diagnosed with AS in April 2010
symptoms controlled with enbrel

#274951 - 06/13/16 02:10 PM Re: Pregnancy [Re: Foster]
Jessie10 Offline
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My first daughter 'triggered' a lot of AS symptoms that I mostly ignored thinking it was this or that. At 13 weeks pregnant with my second daughter, a year later, I developed a disabiling pain in my sit bones that the docs deemed sciatica. It was a very difficult pregnancy for me but labor and delivery were problem free and both my babies are happy and healthy. I iced the problem areas and did not use pain meds. After my second was born is when they figured out it was AS. everyone is different, hopefully you'll have an easy pregnancy! Good luck to you!

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26 y/o female. HLA-B27 negative. Dxd AS 4/2016
Enbrel, naproxen

#275549 - 08/03/16 01:24 AM Re: Pregnancy [Re: Foster]
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I think, an active exercise program during your pregnancy period will help you to get out of the risk. For a pregnant woman with AS, doctors are suggesting exercises like swimming in warm water (if possible) or walking, etc. This will reduce the complications in pregnancy like uterine bleeding and premature labor. You can also seek the help of an expert physiotherapist if needed.


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