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#274714 - 05/24/16 11:25 PM Am I an eligible candidate for this procedure?
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Hey, I have ankylosing spondylitis. Iím 42 and Iím considering a tummy tuck procedure in Barrie ( http://www.lakeviewsurgery.com/procedures/tummy-tuck ). I have read somewhere that spondylitis patients are not advised to undergo a tummy tuck procedure. But the reason behind it was not mentioned in that page. It would be great if someone could help to sort this out. Am I an eligible candidate for this procedure?

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#274722 - 05/25/16 10:50 AM Re: Am I an eligible candidate for this procedure? [Re: Sentes1977]
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I have not heard this caution related to tummy tucks.

I do know that in general there are some issues with AS patients and anesthesia.

The anesthesiologist normally tilts a patient's head back to insert the breathing tube, and keeps the head tilted back to maintain the airway during surgery. If you have limited range of motion in your cervical spine, that can make the anesthesiologist's job more difficult.

Also, you can have problems if you have limited chest expansion due to rib fusion or other issues. If your breathing is too shallow, it can hamper your lungs' ability to recover from anesthesia, which can put you at risk for chest infections and other complications.

You should discuss the surgery with your rheumatologist and make sure that both the surgeon and anesthesiologist are aware of your condition.
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#275235 - 07/06/16 03:48 AM Re: Am I an eligible candidate for this procedure? [Re: Sentes1977]
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The cation might be related to the high reported incidence of gastric procedures being the trigger for AS. I believe it is the band procedure that most often triggures AS. Since you already have AS I have no idea if it would make things worse for you or have no affect what so ever.


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