Good day folks, First post firing off!
Served AD Army 1990-1996. Dx'd Reiter's Sx by a Navy Rheumy in 1992. Med review board allowed me to finish out the almost 4 years active.

My initial exam I was awarded 20% for left shoulder and right ankle.

In 2007. It was increased to 30% for my C-spine. All listed as "residuals, Reiter's syndrome, with loss of motion of blah blah..)
Now, I've had numerous other limitations over the years, but have elected to not ask for increases. I have been able to work, I have private health insurance and I'm not combat wounded. That's just been the way I chose to handle it.
My question is, I've had two knee surgeries, and am out of work for the next 3 months from the surgery I had last week. My neck is horrible, I've had Iritis many times to where I've been on Sulfasalazine and Humira both for years (followed by VA rheumy).
I started a claim to add the right knee and the iritis (both clearly documented in my mil health records, thankfully) but what do I do about the neck "loss of motion" claim? I have radiculopathy (Dx by nerve conduction study and MRI). Do I ask to increase the loss of motion claim or start a new one?
How do I pull all the varied problems together to best represent my Reactive Arthritis?
I printed a non-degen arthritis DBQ form to give to my VA rheumy on my next appt when I'm able to drive.
Dx ReA 1992 while active military