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#275204 - 07/02/16 12:37 AM Would this interest you?
LanaLee Offline
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Hi everyone!
I posted this in a different category and I see that it's not showing up so maybe it's nit allowed there so I'll try here. Sorry if it ends up cross posting.
I made this for myself today and thought that maybe some of you might find that it interests you.
I come from a family of first responders and they tell me that this would be such a marvelous idea for all sorts of people and their illnesses or conditions. However, This one applies to me and my ankylosing.
It is for your seatbelt. It has a reflector strip and the star of life which alerts first responders to your delicate health situation should you be in an auto accident. You can also strap these onto your purse or your fridge handle or a car seat for all kinds of conditions.
If you don't want anyone to see it when you leave the vehicle, you can remove it and take it with you or you can simply face it inward.
It has a Velcro closure.
I have various colors that you can choose from and of course it can say whatever you like. I call them S.O.S. (Sign on seatbelt) Straps.
I am selling these for $20 USD plus shipping OR $25 CAD plus shipping. I accept PayPal or interact email transfer.
I hope it's ok to post this here.

https:// Flicker www.flickr.com/photos/21266525@N06/27994229446/in/dateposted-public/

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#275208 - 07/02/16 10:52 AM Re: Would this interest you? [Re: LanaLee]
WhiteCell Offline
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Good Idea.
Since 18 years old - began as Reiter's Syndrome. Diagnosed with Ank Spon 2001. Remicade since 2002 - 5mg/kg every 7 weeks. 8 hour Tylenol and hot tubs for pain.

Severe Right Eye Glaucoma-
Trabeculectomy/lens replacement 2006.
DSEK Cornea Transplant October, 2009.
Ahmed Shunt June, 2016.
DSEK Cornea Transplant, November, 2016.

Supra Ventricular Tachycardia. 2004.
Cured by RF ablation 2006.
Cardizem 240 CD.

ICU RN Seattle, WA

~Grasp The Challenge and Succeed~

#275229 - 07/05/16 12:16 PM Re: Would this interest you? [Re: LanaLee]
EmA_LI_80 Offline
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Excellent idea!
Arthritis issues since youth, back pains started at age 14 (1994). Dx with AS in January, 2016.
HLA-B27 Positive
Meds: Celebrex
Other Dx: GERD, Raynauds, Bursitis in Left Shoulder and Right Knee


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