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#275446 - 07/24/16 11:11 PM AS postmenopausal and MHT
BellaShade Offline
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I just got a call a few days ago from my gynocologist telling me I'm postmenopausal and need to go on MHT, I'm not sure I'm ok with hormone therapy. I did see my test results via a patient portal. My estrogen was less than 5. They tell me that's the lowest value the lab sends back. That could be zero. Or it could be 2. It is virtually none, in other words. They tell me it's important for strong bones. I get that. I also get that all my fused bones are weakened by this new bone growth. I also know HRT or as they're calling it now MRT, is bad to cause blood clots that kill instantly and heart disease and the list goes on....the menopause symptoms they help aren't the symptoms I'm having, unfortunately. I don't have hot flashes or night sweats. I do have insomnia, mood swings and very irritable,I feel very empty, like I don't know how to fill myself back up...I've lost a lot of weight since I turned 50, I don't know if that has some effect on my estrogen or if my PCOS from my entire adult life had an influence? Do any of you older ladies have lower estrogen levels? Have hormones helped? Have you tried bioidenticals? I have my uterus so I have to take progesterone also, that may be one reason I am not liking it! Lol I hated taking it when I was younger because they called it a chemical D and C. Caused me to have massive periods monthly when I was having 1 light period a year, maybe 2! I wonder about androgen...if I'm still over producing it. You never get but 3 mins with a doc and can not ask questions.

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Diagnosed with AS December of 2011. Neck fused and ligaments calcified. Taking norco, soma, duragesic patch for pain. HLA-B27 positive. Probably Lupus, and Sjogrens. Raynaud's off Humira for now frown 6 months ...we'll see from then smile lovin" live with adderall!! Hehe and hormones hehe

#275493 - 07/29/16 07:33 PM Re: AS postmenopausal and MHT [Re: BellaShade]
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They told my mother-in-law the same things and she went on Premarin (an estrogen) and got cancer. I had a hysterectomy and went instantly into menopause. But I had friends who told me to take Lexapro before and after the surgery that would instantly put me into menopause. I sailed right through with almost no symptoms. I only stayed on it for a few months and then went off it. It is normal to have your estrogen get lower after menopause and most people don't have to take anything unless they get bad symptoms. If you are only getting 3 minutes with your doctor then come with a piece of paper with every possible questions you can think of written down or change doctors to one who will give you more time.
dx:2011 Ankylosing Spondylosis, Degenerative Disk Disease, Hypertropic Cardiomyopathy, Breast Cancer 2002 & Asthma
treatments: Naproxen, Flexoril, Tylenol #3, fasting, 1/2 a disc removed,double mastectomy with reconstruction, open heart surgery. Latest 100-600 Alpha-Lipoic Acid for pain and energy (working) Benedryl Spray 2 spritzes on spine am & bed reduced inflammation and pain


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