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#277618 - 03/25/17 07:21 PM Another new dx, getting back to running question
Ucla08 Offline
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Registered: 03/13/17
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Hi guys,

Iím an athlete and always thought I just had weird sports injuries, or was told that I was just really, really, really prone to tendonitis and had back pain due to hypermobility. Rheumatologist now is treating me for AS but luckily no radiographic evidence. The big thing holding me back now is plantar fasciitis, achilles tightness/pain and Iím dying to get back to running and other more aerobic/impact activity.

I have been really consistent about staying active with as much as I can do so Iím not totally deconditioned and have even been able to increase my non-impact activity level but when I add in any impact activities, it gets so much worse that it even makes the non-impact activities hard.

Iíve read thru a number of the posts and I boil the advice down like this:
1. Take it slow, build gradually (I think Iím doing this)
2. You might have to push thru some pain (not a problem, have played thru lots of injuries)
3. If youíre having a flare, you might have to dial it back a little temporarily (sounds good but at this point Iím not sure what is a ďflareĒ and what just my baselineÖ and whether or not that matters?)

So what am I doing wrong? Iíve been doing PT and for this last month have been trialing NSAIDS. Both have helped with pain but I still feel stuck! Any thoughts or suggestions?


#277620 - 03/25/17 11:57 PM Re: Another new dx, getting back to running question [Re: Ucla08]
GeorgeUPS Offline
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Loc: New jersey
I have been told repeatedly to stop running, do less. Its probably the right move for my body, but not for my soul/psyche.

I now look at running/exercise in a different light. When I workout, I go into it not knowing how I will feel, so if I feel well, I push it, if not, take it easy. Dont get discouraged, or worry about times. I am no where near where i used to be. But i cant and wont give up, and neither should you

So to answer your question, your doing nothing wrong. Keep it up and be as strong as you can be. Good luck



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