Celbrex is horrible I was given it for my AS and it works just as good as any standard NSAID... I am also on steroids and was just given a script of tramadol and I still am in moderate pain but its better then nothing. Good luck on your diagnostics, do not be afraid of going to Clinics out of city or state for second opinions. State your frustrations at a different clinic maybe you will get a better answer. Good luck.

Diagnosed 4+ months ago with as causes chest pain and severe back pain . Medications : methotrexate .6 per week in divided doses, Prednisone tapering off 2 5mg daily, folic acid mg daily, dicloymine for stomach pain and cramping , ranitidine 150mg twice daily and Prilosec 20mg extended release once daily , Carispodol (Soma) 350mg 5 times daily , oxycodone 10mg every 4 hours as needed