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#278571 - 07/15/17 06:21 PM Painful trapezius muscles
BellaShade Offline
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The more kyphotic and fused I become, the more spasms I have in my trapezius muscles. Monday I got injections bilaterally in the upper traps and to be honest, I've probably had the worst pain week I've had in a while. I've had 3 Humira infusions in 14 months because of an infection that was not fully sensitive to any oral antibiotics. I've been to a immunology specialist and an infectious diseases specialist. The latter told me there was no reason to be off the Humira and once I went back on after a year off, I got 3 infections. I'd be fine and wake in the night with 104 or 105 fever. I'm colonized and we were treating asymptomatic infections, but we are not now. I have become more kyphotic and fuse over the last year because of this thus causing the terrible spasms. There is a man in the town over who does all the soft tissue injuries for the Arkansas Razorback football team and he did get my trapezius muscles in the mid and lower to release but couldn't get the ones at the top to release because you ran out of time. He $75 an hour and of course insurance doesn't cover it and you only get a few days of relief they're still working to hold your head up and they go right back into spasmed state. Anyone have any ideas how to get some relief? Opiates, Soma, trigger point injections, none have given me relief and I'm feeling so down! I find myself taking anti nausea medicine every evening, and I don't know if that's just from being in pain all day or taking the Tylenol and ibuprofen and the opiates to try to get relief? I am not by any stretch taking the maximum dose except maybe for the ibuprofen. I can't take 3 Soma a day unless I want to sleep my life away! I'm supposed to start back on Humira today, but I've got a fever, so I think my infection is active again. I've got pretty intense flank pain, which is another give away. Sorry for the rambled. We all know what it's like to be desperate to relieve the pain and afraid of another infection! I won't take the Humira until I've seen a doctor since I've run a fever. 5 weeks ago I asked to be taken off fentanyl and take the 60mg of oxycontin. I went through pretty wicked withdrawal, and ran a low grade fever for 3 weeks. I assumed the withdrawal threw me into a flare, but the fever went from low grade to a real fever and I was put back on antibiotics for a kidney infection. I've been off the antibiotics for about 5 days now. I didn't realize I had a fever again until about 45 mins after taking 3 ibuprofen and 1 Tylenol with half of a perocet. I started sweating profusely and my temp at that point was 99.9, so I knew it had been a fever that was breaking. I'm sick of being sick! I'm sick of hurting all the time! I've had AS for about 30 years and there isn't a day that I don't hurt, but it's not always at an intense level all day!
Diagnosed with AS December of 2011. Neck fused and ligaments calcified. Taking norco, soma, duragesic patch for pain. HLA-B27 positive. Probably Lupus, and Sjogrens. Raynaud's off Humira for now frown 6 months ...we'll see from then smile lovin" live with adderall!! Hehe and hormones hehe

#278601 - 07/18/17 11:37 PM Re: Painful trapezius muscles [Re: BellaShade]
Thesnakejakw Offline
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Hi you might want to ask your doctor if a extended release such as Opana ER zohydro will help I heard others with that those 2 has helped pretty decently? Soma helps me but I am taking it 3 times during the day and once at night unlike you I can't sleep without the medication and even with the medication it is hard to sleep I am also taking now up to 8 Lortabs 5/325s and on 6 prednisone 3 5mg tablets twice daily, I am on 4 soma 350mg a day I am now on 3ml of methotrexate every 7 days, on 2 anti acids, folic acid.. Were you ever put on a steroid for a short time? Injections don't work for me well, I have only been diagnosed for a little over a month now, but wake up from pain and feeling like I have a fever. Is your soma 350mg tablets? I also feel like I wake up with fevers, I tend to try to keep my place with the ac on as cool as possible and sleep with no blanket, I find that the less I sleep the less pain I am in but eventually one or 2 days out of the week ill sleep for like 16-20 hours and wake up in extreme pain because the stiffness is so bad. Good luck I know your pain but opiates and soma help me when taken together especially with the steroids I get some what relief when I mix it with a activity like a short walk on somewhere elevated without height walking. some Ice also helps my back at times with that mix.


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