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#278992 - 09/13/17 08:33 AM Glutinous Stcky Rice to eat or not to eat??
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Okay- from what I have read apparently sticky rice- AKA glutinous rice is okay for us AS sufferers? Yes? But then all the research I have read is controversial... Livestrong states "Glutinous rice, also known as sticky rice, sweet rice or pearl rice, is a form of short-grain rice that has a higher starch content than its medium- or long-grain cousins." http://www.livestrong.com/article/332586-nutrition-facts-for-glutinous-rice/
Whilst Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glutinous_rice states that "Glutinous rice is distinguished from other types of rice by having no (or negligible amounts of) amylose, and high amounts of amylopectin (the two components of starch). Amylopectin is responsible for the sticky quality of glutinous rice. " Huffpost seems to say the same thing "Glutinous rice contains just one component of starch, called amylopectin, while other kinds of rice contain both molecules that make up starch: amylopectin and amylose."

My point is which is the starch we should avoid or which one does the Klebsilla bacteria feed on??? I am new to this and really have steel iron discipline but get desperate at times with the food I am limited to eat.... so I'll say it now - I am vegan and you can imagine starch was a big player for my until pain became a bigger player!!!!

Any help or info helps...as yes I am starting out on this journey...
Hard of Hearing, CPVT and now this .... AS.

#279034 - 09/16/17 04:12 PM Re: Glutinous Stcky Rice to eat or not to eat?? [Re: Dr_IJA]
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Hi Dr IJA, others can answer the starch sticky rice question better than I can. My gut says (pun intended) that if avoiding all starch, than all rice is off.

Sounds like rice is important for you. May I share an alternative approach of my experience ? I believe microbiome plays a role with many diseases including AS. particularly in the acquiring the disease, management and potentially in prevention. some people shared that complete no starch is beneficial others do not find that it's helpful. I did an elimination diet to test food sensitivity to flares that I found helpful. There are foods I avoid, and foods I seek. Generally, lower bmi seems helpful to me as well.

Wishing you success.
Kind regards, Rich
AS, U C, Iritis, migraines. HLA-B27neg. Yoga (instructor) & spin. No meds at this time. Dx 1989. SAA member/donor since 1993. All my posts are personal opinion/feelings and do not represent the SAA. Help find a cure & support others by donating to the SAA.

#279073 - 09/21/17 12:01 PM Re: Glutinous Stcky Rice to eat or not to eat?? [Re: Dr_IJA]
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Hello, Dr_IJA:

This is a common question and afraid there is no generally good answer: Food sensitivities in AS are an individual thing beyond the fact that especially refined starches are universally provocative.

And any starch can cause severe symptoms, depending upon time, circumstances, and many undetermined factors.

Let me give a few examples: I received a call from a fellow Spondy in Canada who told me he could eat yams without a [known] problem, but cannot eat "yam soup" without flaring. I replied by explaining that it is not only the FACT of the starch, but also the FORM. I would say that a "natural" starch is really only a little safer than a refined starch, but that is enough to make the difference--SOMETIMES. Turning a big-particle yam into small-particle soup allows more substrate to be "seeded" by our nemesis bacterium, creating greater surface area for geometric multiplication of this germ. More germ can subsequently cross our epithelium and trigger the secondary immune response that causes AS.

Also, some people doing the Low Starch Diet are able to tolerate rice, when it is rather well rinsed in cold water and maybe reheated; it is not as virulent a starch as more water-soluble starches from potatoes, for example (yams have less of this and much more fiber than most other tubers).

And I would suggest that, if a food does not cause symptoms within a day (usually 4-6 hours), it is not a problem, albeit some people believe it "builds up" to eventually cause a flare. What I think really happens is a "food combination" issue wherein we eat something along with this type of starch that slows digestion enough to cause greater multiplication of the germ than normal. Look after Jackie LeTissier's results using Dr. Wm Hay's food combining method; she has remained vegetarian despite her AS by attention to other foods taken at same time as starches (avoid fats and proteins then).

AS can be totally overcome with strict diet alone, but it is not very practical to remain vegetarian (I tried for about 1 year after being vegetarian 22 years that really helped accelerate my disease--along with bad drug choices).

Klebsiella also feeds upon caramel and some other complex chemicals but the "four major poisons" of Professor Ebringer are "bread, cake, pasta, and potatoes."

Nota Bene: I am not a medical doctor, and my views do not represent the opinions of the SAA
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