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#279163 - 10/03/17 10:20 AM Neck pain not going away
gaursri Offline
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Hello All, I have been diagnosed with AS and been relatively healthy until recently when my neck pain has really flared up and nothing seems to work and now its time for Humira it seems. But has any one on here experienced only neck pain going down left side through your shoulders into your left hands? I mean its brutal. I cant sleep or turn and the pain is not going away after all painkillers and heat pads etc...I don't know if its AS or a nerve damage so going for a neurologist. Feedback is much appreciated.

#279168 - 10/03/17 12:48 PM Re: Neck pain not going away [Re: gaursri]
WhiteCell Offline
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What "worked" for me was very warm bead pillows heated in the microwave. In addition long acting 8 hour Tylenol and hot tubs. Before Remicade it was agony. It's worth doing baseline X-rays as well.

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#279174 - 10/03/17 06:26 PM Re: Neck pain not going away [Re: gaursri]
theyoungestmuse Offline
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Neck issues are common with AS. I had what I call "THE NECK YEARS" during my pre-diagnosis years. I ended up being hospitalized while the pain was shooting down into my hand and I couldn't dress/eat/bathe. I never never never want to feel that again. When my Cosentyx is wearing off my neck will start to hurt. So I figure that is my AS causing that pain. There can be nerve impingement caused by the AS even if it is just swelling causing it.
HLAB27+(thanks,dad)iritis at 17, plantar fasciitis at 22, sacroiliitis at 25,first image at 31,diagnosis of AS at 48(hello medical community!!) it's all been downhill since(Cosentyx,Celebrex,Trazodone,Tramadol,high Omega3,A&D to tame immune system)

#279181 - 10/04/17 07:26 AM Re: Neck pain not going away [Re: gaursri]
Winston Offline
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It is probably AS-related inflammation irritating a nerve in your neck. I suffer from flares in my neck from time to time. I do not usually suffer a flare in my back at the same time. So just because you aren't experiencing severe pain in your back at the moment doesn't mean the pain in your neck isn't related to AS. I suspect the neurologist will order xrays and/or an MRI of your neck. He/she might also order some nerve tests in your arms to be sure.

#279267 - 10/12/17 02:50 PM Re: Neck pain not going away [Re: gaursri]
Tulipan Offline
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The pain that radiates down your arm is definitely a problem with a nerve in your neck, and the nerve is probably inflamed by the arthritis in your neck. I recently went to my rheumatologist and orthopedic surgeon because of neck pain. I just have neck pain, no radiating pain. The x-rays taken showed fusion of some of my facet joints in the neck, which is caused by ongoing inflammation. I was given 2 corticosteroid injections in two facet joints that aren't fused yet. That has given me relief on that side of my neck at least. You should talk to your rheumatologist about being referred to a pain specialist. In the past I had pain that radiated down my leg to my foot. After a series of injections in my lower spine, that nerve pain went away.


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