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#279269 - 10/12/17 03:18 PM Tendinitis in the head and neck
Tulipan Offline
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I'd be grateful for any help anyone can offer. I'm having a severe bout with neck AS right now and also having a lot of pain in the tendons in my neck and head, which I think is related. I think I have arthritis in my jaws too. Sometimes I get severe headaches from the tendons in my temples, so bad it makes it hard to do anything. The only thing that seems to help is Indocin (my go-to NSAID). I've tried numerous biologics to no avail, plus methotrexate and every NSAID made by man. Twenty years of prednisone made me fat, weakened my bones and gave me ulcers. Any ideas how to treat this problem? I had a corticosteroid injection in two facet joints on the left side of my neck recently, but it didn't help the tendinitis in my head, only on the left side of my neck.

#279270 - 10/13/17 07:26 AM Re: Tendinitis in the head and neck [Re: Tulipan]
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Sounds like a tension headache exacerbated by AS. My 1st suggestion would be heat like one of the neck bead pillows one puts in the microwave. Constant pain tightens all the muscles reduces oxygen exchange and produce more inflammation. The first step is to relax the muscles so that oxygen can move more freely. So I would apply one of those until you begin to feel relaxed. I would also put on soothing music and put your feet up.

I would add long acting tylenol if you can safely take it the 8 hour medication. I would take the indocin as directed. I would also try if possible massage gentle pressure point massage by a very good masseuse. and keep the area warm either through high collar or scarf. Hope this helps.
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#279272 - 10/13/17 08:35 AM Re: Tendinitis in the head and neck [Re: Tulipan]
kjb Offline
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I suffer from severe tension headaches as well, and this sounds like them. I take Flexerol before I go to bed to help relax. It helps keep them at bay, but it does not eliminate them. When I first started it, I was out of work for a few days and I took it around the clock to let it work its magic, and then just at night since. I have been taking it for years and for the first few it helped much better, so its worth a shot to see if it helps!

I am sorry that you are dealing with them, headaches are terrible, they mess with everything you try to do. I hope something helps you soon.

#279281 - 10/14/17 09:15 AM Re: Tendinitis in the head and neck [Re: Tulipan]
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Years ago, where there were only three biologicals a doctor told me there was no other options. I went to a big city (hospital for special surgery in NYC) and that doctor using the same meds changed the combo which helped a lot until there were more meds.

So I say have to been to another doctor--getting a second opinion? There are new meds all the time. At one time I was taking 5mg pred, arava, MTX, immurin and Humira. Now I am only on an IV med + arava and doing pretty well for over 7 years.

So first, I urge you to not give up on biologicals. And perhaps see another doctor either pain management (they are best a injecting steriods into necks, IMHO)

Also see a PT to learn proper exercises to help your neck. I was doing it wrong because I was not looking in mirror as instructed.

Very sorry for your suffering, I had that a bit and so hard to concentrate.

Actema IV once a month (with pre loading for allergic reaction), Cymbalta x1 daily, Arava 20mg daily. Diagnosed with AS in 2004, suffered undiagnosed since 1982.


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