Happy May 1st! 😊 Here are a list of our upcoming #spondylitis support group meetings for this month. For all meeting details in your area, please visit our support group page: https://www.spondylitis.org/Support-Groups

5/5/18: Morristown, NJ
5/5/18: Lansing, MI
5/7/18: Denver, CO
5/12/18: The Woodlands, TX
5/17/18: Chicago North Side, IL
5/17/18: Elmira, NY
5/19/18: Phoenix, AZ
5/19/18: Sioux Falls, SD
5/19/18: San Diego, CA
5/19/18: Oakland/SF, CA
5/24/18: New York City, NY
5/26/18: Philadelphia, PA
5/30/18: Bristol, TN

Best Regards,

Cynthia Rodriguez
Programs Coordinator
Spondylitis Association of America