Current Resting heart rate 46, used to be in 70's prior to onset of spondy. For moment I was under the impression this low RHR was caused by current usage of metoprolol 25mg also some sort of heart issue. However, recently was placed on 7 day wifi holter live monitoring along with echo testing. End results was unremarkable with few times machine detecting low heart rate during sleep cycle.

The EP doc said it's completely normal to have such a low rate of 40's while sleeping and mention spondy as cause of heart issue is very rare. Looks like this rare syndrome is kicking into full gear, at least for me. Anyhow, EP doc said just live with it for now, it's not worth putting me on various medication or device at the moment and decided to cut beta blockers in half to 12.5mg. This dosage is typically consider joke amongst many doctors. I thought lowering the dosage will speed my heart up, this is far from the truth, I looked at my RHR today and it's still 46. I really have no clue what's going on here other then testing being complete normal.

So what's going on here? There is no way in hell metoprolol 12.5 would cause such distress on the heart at this low dosage. Would spondy heart block show up on holter monitor testing?

On positive note my heart speeds up to normal pace on activity. It's the resting part that seems to bother me. However, I wouldn't notice this if I wasn't monitoring my heart rate through my watch.

Any suggestions from anyone suffering with heart issue?

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