Achala, you have to find the right balance between vigilance and obsession. That can be tough sometimes. But as time passes you learn what your "normal" is, when it's ok to ignore symptoms and when you need to speak to your doctor.

I was doing PT for my wrist last year and was asking the therapist about wrist braces. I started telling her about my elbow and ulnar nerve problems, how I know what positions or actions to avoid, how I sleep with a microbead pillow under the elbow at night, etc. She made the comment that I was "very in tune with my body." I think that is common for most everyone who has had this disease for a while.

You are still new to the disease, so you are still finding your way. You will get to where we are over time.

Ginny - 57 year old female
Dx with USpA in March 2013; changed to AS in July 2015
Iritis and Scleritis
unicompartmental knee replacement June 2014
MTX, Humira, Cyclobenzaprine, plus Celebrex as needed
Supplements: Folic Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Calcium, Fish Oil, Melatonin, Culturelle probiotic