My diagnosis came last year after my AS had progressed to my ankles, hands and wrists. At that time they x-rayed my ankles with my back etc and also did an ultrasound and injection of steroid.

Once I started the biologic in January I started to feel better and my ankles even improved.

At the beginning of September I stopped the biologic as I was scheduled for an unrelated surgery on Sep 14th. Within 7 days I had severe Achilles pain and swelling. Despite going back on biologic last week the pain is crazy. I went in for an ultrasound last Wed and just found out that I have micro measuring 8mm (not exactly micro) and enthesophytes. They are recommending prolotherapy. I am not to keen on this idea. Wondering if anyone has had these issues and recommended treatment.

Feels like walking is all I have left and I really want to maintain that.