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#44485 - 08/03/06 09:33 PM Re: IF all my pain is in the muscle, why don't muscle relaxers WORK!!!
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Whatever you do, don't start taking supplements without first talking to your doc. Some herbs and mineral can interact badly with medications.

As you slide down the bannister of life...May the splinters never point the wrong way.

#44486 - 08/03/06 10:55 PM Re: IF all my pain is in the muscle, why don't muscle relaxers WORK!!!
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Tracie, I know that it is frustrating finding the right med and the root of the problem.Some muscle relaxers do not actually relax the muscles but are about the equivilant to taking something to cause you to get drowsy.I will give you a couple things that have helped me to think about.
Intense,moderate pain-Lortab,Ultram
Joint and inflammation pain,Celebrex,Mobic,MOTRIN
Nerve pain that makes fingers jump,spasms of the muscles,jolting pain to shoot through areas like your hands and fingers or feet.
I am doing well on a low dose of Topamax,
so instaed of a muscle relaxer,you might ask your Doctor about an anti-seizure med or a straight out pain med.
I hope you get the relief that you deserve.
Mike smile

#44487 - 08/04/06 10:22 AM Re: IF all my pain is in the muscle, why don't muscle relaxers WORK!!!
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As I was reading down this thread, something popped into my head right away. Then when I got to Mike's post, there it was.
When there is pain that isn't touched by pain pills, muscle relaxants, etc.: there is a good chance it is nerve pain.
Neuropathy can cause the spasms. If the nerve roots are aggravated, it is torturous! The muscles are reacting sometimes, not the actual cause of what is wrong.
I also agree wholeheartedly with Charlie. Healthy people may not even feel bulged or dessicated discs, but when it is a part of your disease, it wreaks havock and is part of the inflammation process.
My opinion is that you need to see another Rhuemy
Also, my opinion is that Muscle Relaxants are never the "cure" for anything. They may ease symptoms, improve symptoms, but the Underlying Problem is what needs to be addressed.
I hope you can get some answers and some relief. Please take care, hugs,

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