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#68651 - 06/13/07 01:12 PM Spondylitis Symptoms - List Your Symptoms
fall_of_moonbeams Offline
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I've been thinking about the old "Symptoms not Found" thread we started last year. I think it would be helpful to start a new thread that regulars, newcomers, and lurkers might find useful when checking for symptoms that other people experience. Maybe there are even clusters of certain symptoms. THAT would be intersting to look at. I know Friend in KY was doing this on his website.

Here are a few thoughts about it...narratives/stories should not be posted...just a straight-forward listing of symptoms.

1. bone pain
2. chest/rib pain
3. pain in the lower back
4. migraine
5. neck pain
and so on......

Telling stories ought to be done in regular posts. That's an important part of sharing our illness/changes that AS has brought to our lives. I had no idea that other people suffer from bone pain. It was a completely new symptom for me. I think such a post would be helpful.

Is this doable??????


trying to get over a three-day migraine

(EDIT: Changed title)

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#68652 - 06/13/07 03:34 PM Re: Spondylitis Symptoms - List Your Symptoms Here
Chris Miller Offline
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May as well give it a shot. Depending on the response, we will keep it stickied.

We'll use this thread smile

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#68653 - 06/13/07 06:08 PM Re: Spondylitis Symptoms - List Your Symptoms Here
Merlin Offline
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Registered: 01/24/07
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Loc: Florida
hip pain either one side, or bilaterally
swelling joints such as knees, elbows, wrists
plantar fascitis
extreme fatigue
mouth sores, such as canker sores
easily damaged tendons or muscles that take a long time to heal
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#68654 - 06/13/07 07:49 PM Re: Spondylitis Symptoms - List Your Symptoms Here
mtsargent Offline
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Registered: 10/10/05
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Loc: Atlanta, Ga
  • Inflamation of eyes, particularly in the am
  • Feel like I have the flu for 1-2 hours after waking in the morning..the more I sleep, the worse I feel
  • 3 disks in the lowere back in the process of fusing
  • lesions on my pelvis
  • lost two inches in height in the past 5-10 years due to spinal curvature and deterioation
  • severe pian and numbness in lower back and hips
  • pain and inflamation in elbose, knees, neck
  • continual pain in right achilles tendon
  • significant asymetrical hearing loss in both ears
  • increased "burning" pain and numbness in lower back and hips with prolonged walking or standing
  • Neuroligical symptoms such as memory loss and dyslexia
  • Fatigue..require more rest

These are what come to mind...

#68655 - 06/14/07 07:41 AM Re: Spondylitis Symptoms - List Your Symptoms Here
KarenB Offline
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Registered: 09/01/06
Posts: 1504
Loc: Northern California
*Deep pain in buttox ("sit bone")
*Hips feel like they are in a vise grip by late afternoon
*numbness elbow to pinky finger
*heel pain
*Some excersize helps but is difficult to do
*Trouble sleeping
*feeling of wanting to slouch all the time
*brain fog comes and goes
*pain radiates down back of leg from buttox
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#68656 - 06/14/07 08:27 AM Re: Spondylitis Symptoms - List Your Symptoms Here
Jonathon Offline
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Registered: 07/07/06
Posts: 20223
Loc: California
1) Knee pain daily (am-pm)(severe some days)
2) Rib pain (especially when first laying down or moving certain ways)
3) Shoulder blade pain (every day)
4) Like having the flu (usually after 6 p.m. and upon getting up)
5) Always greeted by the Chicken of Depression instead of the Bluebird of Happiness.
6) pain in lower back (pain goes thru buttocks down back of legs).
7) Neck pain daily.
8) Shoulder pain daily.
9) Hip pain (usually one or the other, or both)
12) FATIGUE (sorry, its a biggee)
12) Heel pain (some days yes, some days no)
13) Pain inbetween shoulder blades (worse after 6 p.m)
14) Trouble sleeping more than an hour or two at a time all nite.
15) Jaw pain (left side, on & off)
16) Just kidding about # 5. laugh sorta

#68657 - 06/14/07 10:21 AM Re: Spondylitis Symptoms - List Your Symptoms Here
mtsargent Offline
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Registered: 10/10/05
Posts: 616
Loc: Atlanta, Ga
(ps) also, I have a problem with what feels like RLS when trying to sleep...except that I get it in my arms also.

#68658 - 06/14/07 02:03 PM Re: Spondylitis Symptoms - List Your Symptoms Here
babster Offline
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Registered: 03/12/06
Posts: 318
Loc: Chicago
here's my list:
-low back pain
-joint pain diffuse
-radiating pain from hips to ankles
-joint stiffness increased in AM
-burning mouth syndrome
-swollen ankles
-swollen submandibular glands
-red eyes on and off
-trigger points throughout body
-new this year: difficulty breathing due to decrease chest expansion
-h/o plantar fasciitis
-severe reflux in past requiring surgery
-h/o kidney stones
-h/o vulvodynia
I believe most of these are related. Diagnosed with undifferentiated spondolopathy.
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#68659 - 06/14/07 02:29 PM Re: Spondylitis Symptoms - List Your Symptoms Here
bethrn Offline

Registered: 03/14/07
Posts: 41
Loc: Maryland
* low back pain (severe at times)
* buttock pain (severe at times) and goes down the back of my legs
* significant decrease range of motion
* fatigue (severe at times)
* sternal pain
* stiffness after sitting or laying down
* difficulty sleeping because of pain
* feel like someone's pushing on my back (really have to be conscience of my posture)
* left shoulder and left knee pain
* occasional plantar faciitis

I think that's all, but everyday is a little different!

#68660 - 06/14/07 02:52 PM Re: Spondylitis Symptoms - List Your Symptoms Here
Tadao Offline
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Registered: 06/12/07
Posts: 380
Loc: Moorpark, California
three disc fused in lower back
ribcage pain
back shoulder blades hurt
pelvic pain
loss of appitite
sleep deprevation and confusion
socially inept
healing from a cut takes forever
neck pain and stiffness (might be from skatebaord falls though)
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