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#81830 - 12/10/07 01:02 PM anyone's toes crossed?
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I thougt that maybe my second toes crosses over the big toe because I once had my second toe "pop' when I was removing a toe ring. (Both feet) It looks like I am crossing my toes like you can cross your fingers only not quite all the way over. I wonder if this is another part of the "spondy blessing"? My second toes have always been the longest toes on my feet (I hate that). My hubby once saw a picture of a monkey in the doctors office and said, "look, he has four hands like you!" I laughed, after smacking him of course! smile Anyway, they seem to be worse than before. Anyone else have weird toes?

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#81831 - 12/10/07 12:45 PM Re: anyone's toes crossed?
cpdlama Offline
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Yep, mine are not the prettiest sight and have gotten worse w/joint issues in my feet, primarily the second and third toes, but they were never "model" feet to begin with. I still wear open toed shoes regardless. ;-)

#81832 - 12/13/07 02:59 PM Re: anyone's toes crossed?
Ladybug93 Offline
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My 2 middle toes stick up,they never hit the ground. My second toe curves towards the third toe and my pinky toe curves toward the fourth toe and under....both feet are like this....and they hurt too...

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#81833 - 12/14/07 08:11 AM Re: anyone's toes crossed?
jackieb Offline
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My mother in law has RA and her toes are bent and crossed. I do not know how she wears anything but sandals.

#81834 - 12/14/07 09:50 AM Re: anyone's toes crossed?
themommm Offline
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Mine aren't crossed, but they are a bit abnormal. They curl under, and cannot move independently (except for the big toes). If I move one toe, all of the others move in sync. They also break very easily.

#81835 - 12/14/07 10:07 AM Re: anyone's toes crossed?
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Hi, Gail:

Yes, I have 'sausage digit' toes that don't quite cross, but are "washed" to the outside almost like rheumatoid fingers become.

When I had active AS, I 'caught' one of my toe joints having inflammation; most of the time I was almost unaware of the progression there; too many bigger joints to deal with, I suppose.

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#81836 - 12/15/07 04:18 PM Re: anyone's toes crossed?
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I've been buying various toe straighteners (www.footsmart.com), but they don't really help much. The problem is the little toe loops (which return it to normal) are incredibly painful so you can only wear them maybe 20 minutes. Which isn't enough to return them totally normal. I am still wearing them daily, for 20 minutes. They are really cheap so it not like I am wasting money.

It definitely means it isn't controlled and you need more treatment. It has really effected my walking and balance, which is effecting my knees and hips.

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