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#196902 - 02/05/11 03:01 PM Re: Patient-To-Patient Recommended Rheumatologist Directory [Re: stevep]
WhiteCell Offline
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Registered: 05/31/10
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Loc: Whidbey Island WA
I met with Dr. Christian Dequet in Thousand Oaks CA. I am in this area for a few months and selected him to continue my Remicade treatments at a local hospital.

He is excellent comprehensive and positive. Was impressed.
Since 18 years old - began as Reiter's Syndrome. Diagnosed with Ank Spon 2001. Remicade since 2002 - 5mg/kg every 7 weeks. 8 hour Tylenol and hot tubs for pain.

Severe Right Eye Glaucoma-
Trabeculectomy/lens replacement 2006.
DSEK Cornea Transplant October, 2009.
Ahmed Shunt June, 2016.
DSEK Cornea Transplant, November, 2016.

Supra Ventricular Tachycardia. 2004.
Cured by RF ablation 2006.
Cardizem 240 CD.

ICU RN Seattle, WA

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#196924 - 02/05/11 08:18 PM Re: Patient-To-Patient Recommended Rheumatologist Directory [Re: catwoman]
Susie122 Offline
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Registered: 02/05/11
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DR Karen Nepveu, Colchester, VT
I am 57, it has taken me this many years since my early 20's to find the right Rheumatologist. This woman LISTENS! My first visit was almost 2 hours....how many doctors give you that much time? She's wonderful!

#203047 - 03/30/11 12:47 AM Re: Patient-To-Patient Recommended Rheumatologist Directory [Re: Susie122]
monicaroni Offline
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Registered: 03/26/11
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Any suggestions for Austin, TX or the vicinity?

#203444 - 04/02/11 03:41 PM Re: Patient-To-Patient Recommended Rheumatologist Directory [Re: catwoman]
mkm Offline
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Registered: 04/01/11
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Looking for that GREAT DOC!! (Flint,MI)
I live in MI, have traveled to Ann Arbor (U of M) was not happy with the 2- 10 min. visits from the Dr. I saw there. He was very short, left me with sooooo many questions. He didn't listen to me, and acted like I was an inconvience to him.
My first visit was unreal... me: in my "glory" (fully flared) : major pain, couldn't stand, sit, swolled from head to toe, and the big X on the "mark the pain spots picture I filled out; He says to me (with out even reading mine or the referring Dr's notes or examining me) "you need a vacation, splints for carpal tunnel, and maybe massage therepy" "You have text book case of fibromyalgia" Neverminding the cronic iritis I've suffered from, inability to move, years of siatic pain, unable to sleep, and positive blood work. He left the room as quick as he entered, my husband and I looked at eachother in complete dismay. As we left the exam room, (w/o a return appt) stop to pay the co-pay, he comes running up behind me and says maybe an eye dr appt is what you need. Well, needless to say; I let him have it. No issues of iritis at this time ~know what it is and I know what to do when it comes. We did get an order for lower back xray before we left and a "promise he'd call with the results. (the results of the xray didn't show anything... let him have it again) Before next appt, I had complete MRI of the spine... showing many issues, fusion etc. A phone call (8:00pm) from this wonderful man stating " Very important that I see you... come tomorrow am." 100 mi. round trip, but I know I need some relief and a proper dx, I ventured to Ann Arbor. Again 10 min, no exam per say, no questions answered, handed a script for Humira... and this is where I stand.
I'm willing to travel for an understanding, knowledgable Dr. in the Flint, MI area...
Any suggestions????

#203612 - 04/04/11 01:42 PM Re: Patient-To-Patient Recommended Rheumatologist Directory [Re: mkm]
aslee9 Offline
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Loc: michigan
Have you tried consultants in Arthritis in Flint, Mi? That is where I go. I see Dr Trudell, she's hard to get in to see. Took me a 4-5 month wait. There's also another rheumatologist there, can't remember the name. They are great doctors. My first visit was almost 4 hours. They have their own blood lab, bone density table and xray machines. I was xrayed at all joints and bone density first visit. Dr Trudell spent more than a half hour, maybe 45 minutes with me first visit.

phone number 810 230-2400

I transferred from another rheumy to her. Very satisfied.
62 years old flexeril, tramadol, tramadol er, percocet, lidoderm patch, flector patch, voltaren gel + other meds for other conditions + lots of vitamins

#204717 - 04/14/11 04:15 PM Re: Patient-To-Patient Recommended Rheumatologist Directory [Re: catwoman]
briann97303 Offline
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Registered: 04/14/11
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Hi to All : )
I am newly diagnosed & need to know if anyone knows of a
good rheumatologist in Oregon?
Any help is much appreciated & Thank You in advance!

#207999 - 05/15/11 06:32 PM Re: Patient-To-Patient Recommended Rheumatologist Directory [Re: ]
dgirard Offline
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Registered: 05/15/11
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Loc: FL
Rheumatologist Anas Moureiden in Spring Hill, Fl. diagnosed my AS as soon as I won my SSA case and had insurance to finally see a specialist. I thought I was going crazy with so many complex symptoms that no one else could put a name to.

And the best primary care Dr., Dhammika Ekanayake who manages my care with information supplied by the many specialists I see. He has gone above and beyond to educate himself about my disease and the several complications I have.
Ankylosing Spondylitis,Mitral Valve (mechanical) replacement, Enthesitis of thoracic cage,CHF, Fibromyalgia. Sicca Syndrome, Aortoiliac Occlusive Disease, Lacunar Infarct (2008),Diverticulosis,Vascular Edema of GI tract, Osteoarthritis, CKD, Hyperlipidemia, GERD, chronic anxiety and depression, Chronic liver disease. , Neurogenic bladder. Hypertension, Anemia, Hypothyroidism, Chronic Celulitis,Neuropathy.History of Trigeminal Neuralgia

#208728 - 05/22/11 11:45 PM Re: Patient-To-Patient Recommended Rheumatologist Directory [Re: stevep]
Samson Offline
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Registered: 03/21/09
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Long Island NY or NYC?

#209754 - 06/06/11 08:43 AM Re: Patient-To-Patient Recommended Rheumatologist Directory [Re: ]
alexis98 Offline
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Registered: 06/10/10
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Loc: Pennsylvania
I would like to recommend Dr Alan Samuels located in 701 Ostrum st. Bethlehem PA. He is a great rheumatologist and he listens. He spends time with the patients and always has and answer or does his best to find it. He doesn't give up!!

#210267 - 06/11/11 10:00 PM Re: Patient-To-Patient Recommended Rheumatologist Directory [Re: catwoman]
YMGarton Offline
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Registered: 06/11/11
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Loc: Missouri
Is that Kansas City in Missouri or Kansas?

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