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#277556 - 03/17/17 02:06 PM Thankfulness
Kris44 Offline
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Have been reading messages over last 6 months and became member in last week. I was officially dx with AS about a year ago and it's taken a while to come to terms with it. I have had spinal pain since I was 15 years old and flares on and off. When I told my rheumy he was shocked I had never been worked up for AS/arthritis, as it isn't normal for a 15 year old to develop lumbar spine pain with no trauma. And then there were all the treatments and drugs to consider and research. And their side effects. Finally, I feel like I have a plan I am going to stick to: Humira, Sulfasalzine, exercises, flexeril as needed. I am still having a lot of leg pain and restless legs and difficulty sleeping, so I'll f/u on that with rheumy next visit. But I don't feel so afraid anymore of the drugs and dx. I think reading everyone's experiences and thoughts have been very helpful and I am grateful for this site and those of you for sharing your lives. Anyway, I think I'll just take it one day at a time and when I have the energy and moments of decreased pain enjoy them while I can.

#277560 - 03/17/17 08:16 PM Re: Thankfulness [Re: Kris44]
SouthernMoss Online
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Welcome Kris44. I'm glad you have a plan, and I hope you can find answers for your legs and sleeping difficulties.

I too am grateful for this site. I felt so isolated when I was first diagnosed because I had never heard of spondyloarthritis and didn't know anyone who had it. I've learned so much from hanging out here.
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#277562 - 03/17/17 11:59 PM Re: Thankfulness [Re: Kris44]
thewino Offline
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I hear ya Kris44. There really isn't any comparison to hearing other people talking about the very same stuff one is going through.

I am super grateful for this site as well. It's good to hear that you are becoming accustomed to the autoimmune meds. They seemed fairly scary at first to me too. Personally, I think I would be in constant pain and curled up in a ball in my bed every day without these medications.

One day at a time sounds like a great plan to me. Welcome to the site!!!

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#277565 - 03/18/17 09:52 PM Re: Thankfulness [Re: Kris44]
GeorgeUPS Offline
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And if this disease ever gets you down, double back and read your post, or ask for some help. I have hit the wall a few times with this disease, and been calmed down by wonderful people on this site.

Good luck and welcome



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