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#277724 - 04/11/17 03:30 PM Labwork
chelle2568 Offline
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Brand new here. Just curious, will patients with AS have a positive ANA?

#277726 - 04/11/17 06:12 PM Re: Labwork [Re: chelle2568]
Winston Online
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Not always, but sometimes. ANA is more closely associated with lupus and Crohns, which AS sufferers will sometimes develop.

#277733 - 04/13/17 12:57 PM Re: Labwork [Re: chelle2568]
Sheep1 Offline
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I've developed ANA antibodies while on Humira, and my rheumatologist thinks it is the result of being on Humira. She said it's nothing to worry about for now.
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#277751 - 04/15/17 01:39 AM Re: Labwork [Re: chelle2568]
rumble Offline
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ANA can go up and down, positive sometimes and negative at others. It's not very specific, but when symptoms and a positive result come together, it could point the way for a rheumy. Usually mine is negative, but during a flare, it was positive to 1:80, which isn't really positive enough to mean anything at my lab. A good source of info for lab questions (besides asking a medical laboratory scientist or your doc) is www.labtestsonline.org, which is sponsored by a number of lab-oriented companies and accrediting agencies. Lots of good information to be found there.
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