Over a period of time, I've used two different mail-order pharmacies, and one drug was ordered through my local pharmacy. All with the same insurance. Most recent was through Briova. Most of the time, it was a good experience. They accepted my copay card, which gave me a zero copay. They were timely with their deliveries, too. Only glitches were due to bad weather when I had a delivery on a Friday. This caused my medicine to languish in a warehouse (FedEx) somewhere between Louisville (closest airport to the pharmacy's location) and my home in Oklahoma. The pharmacy assured me the med was okay all three times it happened, thus would not replace the injection. I finally told them not to ship on a Thursday due to this happening a lot in spring storm season and sometimes in winter.

Briova sends shipments that show if med gets too warm, but not to show if it gets too cold. Seems like a cop-out on their part since there are indicators by that company to show 'too cold'.

Before my insurance switched to Briova, they used Express-scripts. Huge problems. In between those mail-order places, I was able to get one med through my local pharmacy, which was pretty convenient. They were probably glad when it wasn't approved any longer because they didn't have that much fridge space available.

I've never seen any insurance give you a choice of mail-order pharmacies. Strictly done by contracts.

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