I've been on remicade for about three years, but it and methotrexate together are not cutting it. My rheumy says Cosentyx is next, but I can never go back to remicade. My next infusion is the 25th. Y'all have any advice on whether switching is worth it?
Allie G., female
Ankylosing Spondolytis Sufferer since 2013, symptoms since 2011
Remicade(500 mg/every 6 wk)
Methotrexate(25 mg/wk)
Oxycodone(10 mg/3x a day)
Prednisone(10 mg/ daily for 5 days)
Folic Acid(10 mg/day)
Vitamin D(1,000 IU/day, 50,000/week)
Tizanidine(4 mg/3x a day)
Gabapentin (1200 mg/3 x a day)