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#278440 - 07/02/17 01:47 PM Anyone use weed for pain?
worldofme Offline
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Any one use weed for pain relief? I did few times and it seems to help spine pain.

#278441 - 07/02/17 04:41 PM Re: Anyone use weed for pain? [Re: worldofme]
Thesnakejakw Offline
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Originally Posted By: worldofme
Any one use weed for pain relief? I did few times and it seems to help spine pain.
Medical marijuana is somewhat helpful for pain, but it won't be nearly as effective as opiods such as hydrocodone oxycodone ect. And if your doctor finds out you are using marijuana legal or not , they will label you as a drug addict and never or will less likely prescribe them to you. Its highly not recommend to smoke it if you have as ect . But if it helps you and you won't get in trouble or lose your job go for it. I use to smoke mj in the past and it would not help my pain much it would be easier to sleep but I'd rather not be in that state of mind all the time , and needed better medication so i quit as doctors where I see in the state I go to weed is illegal medically and recreationally. Edibles or more medical style mj might help the pain more..

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#278578 - 07/16/17 06:11 AM Re: Anyone use weed for pain? [Re: worldofme]
BellaShade Offline
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My state passed medical marijuana in November and it's taking forever to get it up and going, but yesterday I was given an application by my psych doctor LOL he gives me Adderall for my chronic fatigue and now he wants to give me marijuana I think they may counteract each other 😀😁😂😁😀😂
Diagnosed with AS December of 2011. Neck fused and ligaments calcified. Taking norco, soma, duragesic patch for pain. HLA-B27 positive. Probably Lupus, and Sjogrens. Raynaud's off Humira for now frown 6 months ...we'll see from then smile lovin" live with adderall!! Hehe and hormones hehe

#278658 - 07/27/17 08:29 AM Re: Anyone use weed for pain? [Re: worldofme]
sdot Offline
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Marijuana works very good, I find it like NSAIDS, you need to let it build up in your system quickly so you become immune to the 'high' and at that point and then you're pretty pain free. I would prefer not to use it, or any other medication, but at this point, whatever keeps me moving.

#278664 - 07/27/17 04:59 PM Re: Anyone use weed for pain? [Re: worldofme]
Sean O Offline
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Loc: Toronto
In Canada it is legal to use medically. It is supposed to become legal for recreational use sometime next year. I was very interested and looked into it but did not follow through because I don't want to get high.
The Canadian Rheumatology Association (run by rheumatologists) issued a frowning type guideline that doesn't seem to support doctors prescribing it. There are some studies on the Health Canada (federal government) website on the effectiveness of a number of drugs made from weed that are legal here and it seemed some of them can work. You don't need to smoke weed if you take these drugs because the active ingredients are in the drug. They get around the lung cancer and COPD type risks you would run into smoking it regularly. But they get you high and that doesn't interest me.
Male, early 50s, Dx AS+ 1991, HLA B27+, Tylenol 3 PRN for flares. Off NSAIDs due to stomach issues. Considering a biologic. SI and thoracic involvement and costochondritis. Many bouts of uveitis. Small bowel issues, anemia.


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