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#278983 - 09/13/17 03:56 AM Success rate of osteotomy/spinal fusion to treat
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Hi All,

I have been on humira/cosentyx and also regularly doing physical therapy from last 4 years.
Nothing has helped. Recently a very good Spinal Surgeon recommended me spinal reconstruction surgery from T10-S1.
Has anyone else here gone such surgery? Need not be same number or same levels.
If so,
What is the percentage decrease in pain? What is the success rate?
What is the percentage increase in functionality? What is the success rate?

Thanks! And appreciate your advice.
Male, early 30s. AS diagnosed Sep 2015. HLAB27+
Current medicines: Omeprazole, Vit D3, Celecoxib(1 tab)/Zorvolex(2 tabs)(alternatimg between these two every week), Pyridoxine, Isoniazid, MTX(3 tab) every wednesday, on humira every two weeks since Dec 2015, Weekly Humira since June 18th 2016
On cosentyx 300mg a month since Dec '16

#279035 - 09/16/17 04:32 PM Re: Success rate of osteotomy/spinal fusion to treat [Re: Shippingnews]
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Frankly easier for me to think of people that were not happy with surgery. I do know one person that recently went to Germany for a cervical surgery. She's happy and is back in gentle yoga class. She does not have confirmed AS Dx and frankly too soon to know if will last. Surgery is not an indicated treatment for AS, except for few severe cases. This has part of the literature review and treatment guidelines by ACR. Certainly not for pain treatment. Chronic pain in generally is poorly treated. I also know of too many anecdotal cases of surgical complications. Also my understanding research show surgeries for chronic pain that 6 months after recovery, pain returned or was worse. However, There are some really promising advancements in the pipeline for pain. May I ask what have you tried? There is a good seminar by Dr Overbaugh on pain & AS in the 'community tab' of the SAA website. I hope that helps.
Kind regards. Rich
AS, U C, Iritis, migraines. HLA-B27neg. Yoga (instructor) & spin. No meds at this time. Dx 1989. SAA member/donor since 1993. All my posts are personal opinion/feelings and do not represent the SAA. Help find a cure & support others by donating to the SAA.

#279041 - Yesterday at 08:00 PM Re: Success rate of osteotomy/spinal fusion to treat [Re: Shippingnews]
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I have a fusion at L4-L5. It helped with the pain of those specific vertebrae. But it did nothing to help with my daily AS pain.


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