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#279047 - Today at 11:06 AM Re: Pain Contracts? [Re: WhiteCell]
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Here is a good example why pain contracts are necessary. Patient receives a prescription for oxycodone, patient never has got a prescription before and does illegal substances such as cocaine and meth the patient then takes his oxycodone with cocaine and ends up overdosing and dies, the patients toxicology report indicates the prescribed drug and the cocaine as cause of overdose , the doctor is then asked why a drug screen was not given before prescribing a substance that is easy to over dose on, the doctor is then sued by the family and charged with manslaughter and sent to prison and looses his or her medical license . This contract does not violate any rights nor does trust have anything to do with it as how can a doctor trust someone's word now days, many have died because they were not monitored. Another example is a patient gets their pain meds monthly with no contract this patient sells all their medication as a financial gain the person who bought the medication ends up over dosing and dieing the person never got follow up u/as to make sure the person I'd taking their medication as prescribed the person gets charged with murder and drug sales and the doctor also gets sued, and put in prison . It is why most people have to take a urine test to show that they are being honest in fact once you show them that you are taking your medicine as prescribed they won't test you for another year. It really is not a big deal as the doctor is protecting you and them self and others as they were sworn to do so. This ain't a trust issue this method saves lives.

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Diagnosed 4+ months ago with as causes chest pain and severe back pain . Medications : methotrexate .6 per week in divided doses, Prednisone tapering off 2 5mg daily, folic acid mg daily, dicloymine for stomach pain and cramping , ranitidine 150mg twice daily and Prilosec 20mg extended release once daily , Carispodol (Soma) 350mg 5 times daily , oxycodone 10mg every 4 hours as needed

#279048 - Today at 12:02 PM Re: Pain Contracts? [Re: WhiteCell]
Sterny Online
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Regulating agencies now require that doctors do drug testing on patients, as well as other nifty rules. Your doctor does not have a choice. It's that swinging pendulum phenomenon in my opinion...

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