well i haven't been on here forever and honestly avoided a lot of things to do with AS, partially because i like to pretend i am a "normal" young adult and partially because my AS seems to not be as active...my deformities that resulted from the AS seem to define me more than the AS itself.

but anyway...the twists and turns that life takes has shown me how much i can overcome despite having physical struggles/illnesses. i look back on what i have done and how far i have come and realize that AS has just made life more interesting. AS can't hold me back. Although, it may severely derail my train so that i have to find a new route to get where i want to be (or at least close to where i want to be lol).

all i really want to say is: don't let AS hold you back. be a warrior and fight for the life you want. sure, there may be a crap ton of shitty days along the way, so pout have your moment to throw a fit and then get right back up and fight some more. (not easy or pleasant...whining is so much easier)

this has been on my mind lately as i am forced to face my disability and keep my attitude in check, but it was also partially inspired by a youtube video.. https://youtu.be/FVSJvb_I7kk

i'll stop my rambling now smile

hope everyone is having a good day

i can't fall back i came too far, hold myself up and love my scars...