Hi awesomeman

I was put on Humira, eh - not much of a response, then Enbrel = allergic reaction, then Remicade - higher doses at increasingly shorter intervals to get a so-so response then I got very ill with various issues including shingles and rheumy decided Remicade wasn't worth it/also developed a heart rhythm problem. Back to Humira - still nothing. Then onto Orencia - which has helped me the most and have been on it I believe since 2011 or 2012ish? Have had several health issues and had to go on and off it and still seems to be OK.

So, don't give up. You just haven't found your correct "juice" yet.

I used to take MTX with my biologic but due to other issues can no longer take MTX or other DMARDS. Haven't taken any DMARDS since 2013 and doin' ok without them.

Every person's body, situation, genetics, etc is all different. What works for 1 will not work for another. What works for most will not work for everyone. You are an individual and need to find what will work for you.

Good Luck!