Hi all, had a rheumy appointment yesterday to discuss my humira dosage and regular check up etc. Last week I felt pretty shitty and was expecting to come away with further medicine following my appointment as I was finding in the 2nd week after the injection my symptoms were getting worse.

He said the challenge for him/me, was to establish how much pain is from inflamation and how much is from the mechanical damage that the disease has caused (which i'll always have unless some novel treatment is found). Essentially, his recomendation was to stick with the humira once a week and use NSAIDS in addition (naproxen). I really don't want to take NSAIDSs at all to be honest.

He also gave me a leaflet on methotrexate (which I don't want to be on either) as I think his plan is for me to be on that in the future, since the humira hasn't really cleared up my psorasis or the pain in my thumb, occasional locking elbows and toes on left foot (this is all minor compared to my back). I'm not that bothered about my psorasis and i could live with that if that's all that was wrong with me,.

Anyway, the reason for my post is that he gave me depo-medrone (Methylprednisolone).......40mg/ml....................as a steroid injection. Apart from the peripheral areas of my body, this is the best I have fealt in ages. Not pain free in my back but best I've been in a long time. I know it will be short lived, and there's only so many of these bad boys you can have over a period but boy has it made a difference! Much more than the humira. I'm assuming the peeps in the US use a similar cortisone? Just wondering what your experiences are?