in some of the papers posted on this site I read NSAIDs are more efficacious in preventing ossification than TNF blockers in early NRAS.
Does anyone know if NSAIDs like Arcoxia or else could also keep Uveitis at bay? How long does it take for the NSAIDs full benefits to kick in?
I suppose trying TNF blockers for NRAS in an early stage is an ultimate solution, after all other options failed?
many thanks in advance.

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diagnosed with AS April 2018, starting with cervical pain/stiffness; Aug 2018 enthesitis/bursitis left Achilles
diagnosed with iridociclitis Nov 2017 (4 flares so far) - bilterally DES,PVD
Eosinophilic Gastritis
Signs of inflammations/erosions on MRI`s for axial and Achilles/calcaneus + bursitis
Sulfasalazine 3g 08.2018-05.2019
currently COX2 inhibitor 90mg
Supplements: vit A/C/D, reishi mushrooms, fish oil/probiotic/ Mediterranean NSD