Went to the dermatologist today to get this, as well as some discoloration of my skin looked at. I thought the discoloration might be psoriasis, since I know AS can come hand in hand with psoriasis.

The dermatologist examined me and said that she didn’t think I had AS, she thought my symptoms were more consistent with Dermatomyositis. The best I can summarize the disease from my online research is that it’s a condition where the immune system attacks the capillary veins and causes rashes and makes muscles atrophy (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dermatomyositis). It’s a diagnosis that seems to be overall worse that AS, since it is rarer and less studies have been done on it so less treatment options are available. She took a skin biopsy and she said that she’ll call me in a week with the results.

Posting this here just in case someone else finds themselves in my shoes, as now my diagnosis of having AS is being questioned and someone else reading this might have similar symptoms as me (back pain and HLA-B27 positive and who’s imaging shows no signs of sacroiliitis).