Re: What to do when pain is too much RAHMBA 08/10/20 02:58 AM
regarding relationships, I tend to not talk to my spouse, family, and colleagues about pain. They really can't do anything. I do talk to a therapist, I have one person in my family that I share things with because they don't seem to internalize it.

I'm 100% certain my spouse knows when I'm really having a tough time. She is there for me when things get really acute/bad. but for chronic pain, I don't mention it.

also, I find that i'm a bit too on edge and less patient and probably less empathetic when chronic pain is at a higher level. when she tells me that I'm not being nice, that's a clue that I'm not managing my pain well and I need to talk to someone. the last thing I would want is to take my pain out on my loved ones.

this isn't easy.

Hope that helps.
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