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Re: Enthesitis and COSENTYX KatherineL16 11/11/19 09:12 PM
Hi @momchrisgr, not silly at all. After the anti-inflammatories failed, I brought up trying methotrexate or sulfasalazine before starting biologics, but my rheumy said they would not be helpful for my case. I just checked to see if I could find literature to back that up, and found this study: The conclusions echo what she had told me: "Across all patients with AS, SSZ showed some benefit in reducing ESR and easing spinal stiffness, but no evidence of benefit in physical function, pain, spinal mobility, enthesitis, or patient and physician global assessment. Patients at an early stage of disease, with higher level of ESR (or active disease) and peripheral arthritis, might benefit from SSZ."

Every body is different, though. Did SSZ do anything for you?
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Re: Potential "Patch" for AS PainintheAS 11/11/19 08:25 PM
Originally Posted by achala
I just checked the several blood counts results i had in the past 3 years and usually my eosinophilic count is at the lower limit end. They put me at that time on Montelukast and Budesonide (Budenofalk), that is glucocorticosteroid to no effect, but I was also on COX-2 inhibitor at that time also to no effect much.

Only after switching to Sulfasalazine for 8 months AAU & Achilles enthesitis subsided. But I cannot use it at this moment due to some other plans so I am back fighting AAU with Predonisone. IKB kinase inhibitor would be a good path to explore.
By the way I understood SSZ doesn't work for Axial but not sure why....

If it doesn't work for axial, it could be that my theory is correct and that tolerance to self is lost. You're just attacking the lymph fluids draining from your intestines, which the first place they exit is the lymph network that surrounds the lower spine and sacroiliac region. This would be a different form of attack than say, the homodimers formed by HLA-B27 causing peptides to bind at various sites around the body, including in the eyes.

Originally Posted by Caturday
So, what would you recommend for hla-b27 negative and positive patients in terms of supplements they can easily acquire to stem the affects of inflammation? What would be your foundation that leads to a protocol? You've done so much research I think you should condense this info and create something like a protocol for people to follow I think this would be easier. I understand everyone is different but this anti-biotic stuff and the research you've shown on this thread has opened my eyes more.

I still think however, ultimately fecal matter transplant is the ultimate way to heal a leaky gut and reverse inflammation permanently in our biome. But, the donors have to be in perfect health and that is hard to find.

I was trying to say that going to an immunologist should be your first course, as you need to know what you're reacting to. I don't think fecal matter transplant is the right option for everyone because each person has different genetics and thus will respond to different bacteria differently. We need to normalize the system first, then it will be able to handle the influx of different bacteria more appropriately. If you are not HLA-B27+, then please find out what your body is reacting to by going to an immunologist and checking what IgA and IgG levels are, perhaps do an entire immunoglobulin panel. We cannot say that everyone arrives at the same place via the same route. It is just a common "response" to various assaults on the immune system, which I believe are related to pathogens. I would use EXTREME caution when considering fecal matter transplants...if your immune system is over-reactive, then using even healthy bacteria (but different drastically from what you have currently) then you could be promoting a HUGE influx of new pathogens into your bloodstream, etc. This could then cause even more upregulation of your immune system if done incorrectly or at the wrong time (the immune system is not functioning properly and will misbehave.)
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