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Re: Lumbar MRI only? DadCue 01/22/20 01:00 AM
Winston: You were right about the length of time for a pelvic MRI --- approximately 60 minutes +/- depending on contrast according to the MRI technician who just called to schedule the lumbar MRI. I told her that I want to talk to my rheumatologist at the VA first. Apparently, since I live in town, it could be done any day this week so long as it is during the evening. She said a pelvic MRI could be done at the same time. To give me time to talk to the rheumatologist, we scheduled the lumbar MRI for the evening of Monday, Feb 3rd. All total, it could take almost 2 hours to do both at the same time. I don't get overly claustrophobic but it would be uncomfortable. I probably should just do the lumbar MRI and get it over with.

I'm not sure what I would tell the rheumatologist anyway. It would seem reasonable that both are done at the same time but I doubt that I would act on anything. The biologic has made the back pain much better. In fact, my hips now hurt much more than my lower back --- presently it is literally a "pain in the butt" which is something relatively new for me.

After 30+ years, does it really matter what the diagnosis is? At this stage in my life, I'm not so sure I want to discover any more damage.

On the other hand, Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH) was a new finding on a recent chest x-ray along with "tortuous" aorta. However, my rheumatologist didn't seem overly concerned about it.

The technician did say a lumbar MRI will show some of the pelvic area and thoracic spine so maybe that would suffice.
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Re: Potential "Patch" for AS PainintheAS 01/21/20 11:30 PM
Originally Posted by achala
I found an interesting prebiotic/Iod source :
Any contradictions with AS I have to take into account? Any one tried?

So, one part of that study suggests that there is a decrease in firmicutes and an increase in bacteroidetes (the ratio skews.) In HLA-B27 (and I believe in AS) the ratio is skewed such that there are more firmicutes and less bacteroidetes. In the paper, in my first post, I showed a study on Rifaximin and how it alters the bacterial ratios in such a way to increase bacteroidetes and decrease firmicutes, the same thing this fiber seems to do. So, I would think this is a very beneficial fiber to be supplementing with.
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Re: Early symptoms of ankylosing spondylitis? Winston 01/21/20 10:49 PM
Stop weight lifting altogether and see what happens. If your problems are mechanical, they should improve with rest and time. That said, in my opinion (and I am not a doctor), your family history justifies a visit to the family doctor for bloodwork. The doctor can run an autoimmune panel and an HLA-B27 genetic test which may rule out some things or justify a referral to a rheumatologist. Don't wait. If it is AS, early treatment tends to produce better outcomes.
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TriWest cipher 01/21/20 02:43 PM
Does anyone have experience with TriWest? Good/bad/otherwise?
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Re: MSM and glyconutrients Imnotsure 01/21/20 12:09 PM

Originally Posted by achala
i made msm drops and testing now...
what i know already have to build up tolerance to organic sulphur after realizing 2 days of taking 9g of it orally got skin irritation red face patches and upper body..
subsided after discontinuing 1 day... I think I am one of the very few that develop this side effects... got used to it..or just toxins coming out...

I tried MSN several years ago and I had the same sort of response. I did not get any skin irritation however it made my symptoms worse. Are you using flavoured MSM or non-flavored? If you're using flavoured it could be something in the ingredients. The less ingredients on everything for us is better. Patches on your face is signs of an allergic reaction/histamine response. MSM itself will express any current allergies you have that's in your diet or animals/house in your home.

As for your toxins, we have a liver that.

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