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Mary Beth
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Booster Dose? #284848 08/13/2021 9:35 PM
by Mary Beth
Mary Beth
Hello! I thought I’d open a thread for people to share whether or not they are planning on getting an extra dose of vaccine, based on new CDC guidelines.

I take Humira and no other immune modifiers. I plan on checking with my rheumatologist but haven’t done so yet.
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Re: Booster Dose? #284906 Nov 24th a 06:30 PM
by TexasGirl
That’s a great point, Mary Beth! I think I got much worse when I got reactivated Epstein Barr a few years ago. I might be susceptible to that with COVID too. Thank you!
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Re: Booster Dose? #284907 Nov 27th a 02:24 AM
by Brody96
Hey everyone! I got my third dose a few mornings ago and I want to share my experience for anyone else anxious/nervous about it. I’ll admit, I put off getting my third dose for awhile because of anxiety. I got Pfizer for all three doses. The side effects from this one were very similar to the first two doses. My arm was very, very sore starting ~8 hrs after the shot and took about 48 hrs to let up. I had really bad body aches starting ~12 hrs after the shot and they lasted for about 24 hrs. The only lasting side effect I have now is swollen/painful lymph nodes in my armpit on the side I was vaccinated, but this happened after the first two doses as well. Overall I am relieved to have it over with, and it wasn’t nearly as bad as my anxiety had me convinced it would be. Hope this helps someone! smile
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