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Extreme Hair loss - is it Enbrel? Any remedies? #284993 04/25/2022 10:10 PM
by diamondbaths

I've been on Enbrel/etanercept for a little over 5 months now. And I noticed the past few months I'm losing large amounts of hair every day, and it's getting worse. I believe Enbrel might be the cause, but my rheumatologist and Enbrel studies state it's not a side effect of this medication, only in the common combination with methotrexate, which I do not use.

I'm not denying that health stress and my condition itself could also cause hair loss, but it seems so sudden. According to my dermatologist I don't have any vitamin deficiencies that might cause it.

Does anyone have any idea what could cause this, and what I can do?
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Re: Extreme Hair loss - is it Enbrel? Any remedies? #284997 May 18th a 06:42 AM
by CB in CA
CB in CA
yes like Roqufort mentioned above......Covid. I had a very bad case of covid and ended up in the hospital and I lost so much hair 3 months out it was very distressing. I switched to Redkin biotin shampoo/conditioner and bought Viviscal supplements. My hair started growing back in very quickly.
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