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Posted By: Spenser23 I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 04/18/09 03:22 AM
... put together a list of all the ways that AS "inconveniences" us, and how we adapt and manage to get around those "inconveniences". We talk so much about the symptoms, perhaps it would help people get a handle on how this disease affects us, if they could see a list of ways it affects us every day of our lives.

Give me all the examples you can think of, and I will put them all together and find a place for the list on the Spondyville website. For example, a woman on the Spondyville message board mentioned having a hard time reaching to shave under your arms, I have trouble getting in and out of some cars, and have trouble reaching items on store shelve of a certain height,

In what specific ways does AS "inconvenience" you? AND, how do you adapt and manage to get around the "inconvenience"?

Posted By: babster Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 04/18/09 03:40 AM
This is a great idea. Here's a few:
-I love gardening but it is more difficult with back and hand problems. I use a garden stool which flips so that I can kneel or sit. It also has handles on the sides so that it is easier to get up. I also use ergonomic gardening tools for my hands.
Posted By: aslee9 Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 04/18/09 03:46 AM
Spencer, just a quick suggestion - several of your later posts have been in either yellow or another lighter colored font. These have been very hard to read. I've overcome that problem by highlighting your post and reading the white letters against the blue highlight.

So is anyone else out there having this problem or is it just my poor tired eyes?

Now back to your suggestion of listing how AS inconveniences us. Ok, you asked for it, here goes:

1. Hard to get in and out of automobiles
2. Putting on shoes and socks becoming increasingly difficult.
3. Looking to the left for oncoming traffic requires shifting my body.
4. Hard to plan a family outing, since I never know how bad my feet (or other body parts) may hurt at any particular time.
5. I avoid any place where I may have to stand in line for any length of time. Missed out on several tickets to events because of this.

These are but just a few, I'm sure many others will add to these.

Posted By: winelover Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 04/18/09 07:59 AM
yes - the yellow writing against light background was hard to read

putting shoes on
cutting toenails
picking small things up off the floor
getting things from the bottom shelf or bottom draw, bottom of the fridge or freezer etc. - anything very low
Originally Posted By: aslee9
I've overcome that problem by highlighting your post and reading the white letters against the blue highlight.

Ann, very clever solution! I missed out on reading one of Spenser's posts because of the font color, too, but didn't think of your highlighting method. Thanks for sharing!

Posted By: Banana Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 04/18/09 12:33 PM
Lovely post, I'll add more later but here is a just discovered one, girly.

Because of rib pain, hard to wear boulder holders, not such a problem in the winter but summer I didn't want to leave the house. I now wear very stylish two layering contrasting color t-shirts. Does the job painlessly while helping me spruce up.

Posted By: Spenser23 Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 04/18/09 01:10 PM
Sorry about the color problem. I thought it was only the lighter shades of yellow you were referring to. By the way, do you know that you can adjust the message board so that the background is dark, (sort of what you did Ann, with highlighting.) You can make that the default look by going to the top of the page, clicking on "My Stuff" and the "Preferences". One of the categories is, "Stylesheet" and you can change it from normal to dark. That feature is what I use as it shows greater contrast between the letters and the background.

Does this Blue color work better?

Sitting in my chair at work can be a problem sometimes. Either I get up to stretch or practice better posture.

The arthritis in my left foot is so awful that sometimes it will "give" out when I walk...I clutch something in pain. Sometimes I need Vicodin to dim the pain down so I can sleep. I also wear cross trainers much of the year or Teva's in the warmer months. I really miss wearing good shoes. frown

Fatigue knocks me down. I hate that part too.

Originally Posted By: winelover

cutting toenails

To me, this isn't an inconvenience...just my excuse to get a monthly pedicure! wink (as if I needed an excuse!)
Posted By: Anonymous Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 04/18/09 10:39 PM
Let's see...I have to take a nap every day when my toddlers do, just to have enough energy to follow them around for the rest of the day.

Shaving my legs is next to impossible. Seriously...I can't shave my legs anymore it is like I am 9 months pregnant.(TMI)

My hands hurt so bad it hurts to hold onto a toothbrush for a full two minutes twice a day to effectively brush my teeth. That also goes for typing...it hurts too.

Putting anything over my feet is difficult.

Housecleaning....The hardest things are:
Bending over to empty front loading washed/wet clothes into basket to put into dryer....Then bending over to put the dried clothes into basket to carry to table to fold...repeat process.

Vacuuming/sweeping/mopping/toilet cleaning....all involving the lower back to be strong...which mine is not. I need a housekeeper...can someone tell my husband. I will get back to you when I come up with more. Of course there are things that are very specific to being a mother that I can't do very easily...like bathing them..slippery toddlers are very hard to hold on to if you are not handicapped!

BTW, Spenser...the yellow writing is hard to read no matter what shade...and YES, the blue is much better...thanks...so I am one that has a hard time seeing light colors on light colors...LOL

Posted By: kera4 Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 04/19/09 06:37 PM
Hi! Having 4 kids, we too, have a lot of laundry. Bending into the dryer is a really bad move, so I reach into the dryer with my "grabber," pulling clothes onto the door of the dryer. Then I fold them directly into piles on the top of the washer. This way I am not bending too much, or carrying heavy baskets around. I individually carry and put away each clothing pile, rather than carry the basket around. Two of my kids are older teens, and they put their own piles of clothes away.

Since I have a lot of sacroiliac pain and I spend a lot of time driving my kids places, I have a lumber support seat plus a "cush tush" wedge pillow for driving. I use either one or both to help me when driving. I also try to get out of the car, if even for a few minutes, before driving on to the next place.

Love all the tips! Kera4
I have difficulty getting in and out of my bed due to it being a very high frame. My husband is making a stool that I will be able to slide out from under the bed in order to step on.

I have difficulty standing for any length of time so I make sure that there is always something close by to sit or lean on. I have also purchased more expensive tennis shoes to wear that are made to absorb shock.

I also have difficulty sitting for too long. I usually just keep shifting in my seat in order to alleviate some of the pain. When it gets to be too much to handle, I will get up and walk around or attempt to stretch.

I too have difficulty with doing household chores (cleaning floors, doing laundry, or anything that requires scrubbing, etc.) My house just does not get cleaned as often as it should, because I have not found ways to get around these things. I, too, need to have a housekeeper! Wouldn't that be nice? wink

I also have trouble picking up items off of the floor. I usually squat down (for now I am still able to do this) in order to get items.

I have become very dependent on my husband to do things for me that I just don't seem to be able to do anymore. I really don't like to be so dependent on another person and I don't like placing that burden on him, but that seems to be one of my only options.

I discovered that my SI and back hurt much less when sitting if my legs are straight out in front of me and I'm slightly reclined. At home, I've taken to working, reading, and watching TV sitting propped up in bed. At work, I've adjusted my chair so I lean back and can prop my legs on the back rail of my desk.

I still have to get up and do some walking and stretching every hour, but I am much less sore when sitting in a better position.
Posted By: jackieb Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 04/20/09 03:43 AM
I have a special seat I ordered for long rides in cars. This helps most days. I too use ergonomic handles for gardening tools. My legs no longer go over my head, little inside joke. I shave them once a week, in the bathe, the shower is impossible. I can not turn my head to back up so I use my mirrors. Took me awhile to adjust to that but a truck driver taught how to think like him when backing. It now take me six hours to do what I could do in two -three. No answer just getting old, I hate that.
Posted By: jackieb Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 04/20/09 03:44 AM
Any pointers on how to get out a chair with more grace. I know I look like a wounded animal trying to move after I have sit for awhile.
I, too, look like a wounded animal when getting up from sitting for a while. Everyone around me asks if I am alright when I stand up.
Posted By: mrye4709 Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 04/20/09 04:00 AM
Lol! I look around to see if anyone is watching me get up. That's a great way to describe it. It takes a few to get straight(if at all) and my feet hurt like first thing in the morning after I am still for a while. I'm sure I look like I'm doing the PP dance when I'm trying to stand in one spot. I just joke about it at work, there is no way to hide it.
When I buy things at the grocery store, I only buy what I feel like carrying in the house at the time unless my husband is there to help. I save the easy meals and sandwiches for the worst days. When I cook I lean on the stove. I have my 3 yr old grandughter and she is just great for getting in low places or picking up what I drop. She's happy to help.
Posted By: winelover Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 04/20/09 09:48 AM
yep - getting out of chairs for me too
I have a friend who has a very low, soft sofa that she loves and always wants me to sit with her, but when I visit I use one of the chairs from her dining room (the last time I sat on her sofa I had to roll off, on to my knees on the floor then push myself up)
I prefer a more upright chair with arms so I can use the arms to push myself up

getting in and out of the bath is a bit of a challenge too - to get out I roll over on to my knees then push myself up
Posted By: ANMANWAR Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 04/20/09 11:34 AM
Lets see.....
hard to stand up after sitting.
hard to pull pants on in the morning (have to sit down)
hard to put shoes on in the morning (slip ons are good!)
hard to bend over to pick stuff up
hard to sit!
no long car trips
feel as if I am always moving in slow motion compared to others
very hard time sleeping in any other bed than my own(sleep #)
hard to be on my feet for a long time (sightseeing is difficult)
vacations are exhausting

I can not stand for any length of time. When I have to I tend to sway back and forth so I won't be "still", which helps some.
I can't sit "still" either. I will wiggle like a toddler in church, just so I will be able to stand up easier (I still need a chair with arms and will have that wounded animal look though).
I have to brace myself with the car door when getting in - I have almost fallen over backwards when trying to get in without bracing myself. If the car is high enough ( and low enough) I can sit down and then pick my legs up with my hands to get them in the car.
I have to lie down for at least 2 hours every afternoon, the fatigue will be unbearable by the end of the day if I do not - sleeping is better, but not always possible.
When I am cleaning, I will sit down on the floor and scoot around to pick-up the small things.
I also do a clean for 15 minutes/sit for 15 minutes routine when trying to get things done.
I am sure there are more, but those are the ones that stand out right now.

Posted By: aslee9 Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 04/20/09 11:12 PM
Adding to my list of inconviences:

Hard to lift my left leg. Right one moves just fine but have to pull the left leg up to get shoes and socks on.

Have to take showers now, no baths. Too hard to get up and out of tub. Can't roll onto knees as knees are so sore they can't take any pressure. Can't even kneel on my bed mattress to open window. cry

Can't reach up high or down low! frown

Wear granny shoes with orthotics all the time! cry

Had to quit playing golf, tennis, and bowling. The swing was killing my back.I also tore up my knee last time I bowled (4 years ago) since it was stiff and when I went down to release the ball it didn't bend, just tore. Shoot, I even have trouble walking the dogs around the block!
Posted By: Anonymous Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 04/21/09 12:16 AM
Wow, now I really feel like one of the crowd...I look wounded when I get out of a chair after sitting for a long time. Also if I am on the floor I usually have to have my hubby lift me up to get off the floor. Also, I commented to my husband the other day that I cannot sleep at night and he said, "well stop taking a nap during the day." Well I have to have a nap during the day because of the extreme fatigue. Then I am exhausted by 9 at night, but as soon as i fall asleep I wake up a few hours later in pain. You see the pain is waking me up...nothing is allowing me to stay asleep. This is becoming a serious problem. I am waking up literally every hour at least once. I mean it is an epidemic. I get an average of four hours of sleep at night yet I go to bed at 8:30-9 and gt out of bed around 12 hours later. I would start pulling my hair out, except it is already falling out, so not much left to pull. ALso, when my family mentions the word vacation..I freeze. Vacation to me equals pain and misery. How sad is that. Am I the only one? I feel like if I go on a vacation I will be getting no sleep, I will be expected to walk A LOT, I will get no rest, and it scares me not having the comfort of home where I can at least lay down on the couch if I need to. You know? Spenser thanks for the chance to vent!
Posted By: aslee9 Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 04/21/09 12:20 AM

ABSOLUTELY DREAD THE WORDS, "LET'S GO ON VACATION!" Now isn't that a darn shame! I used to love going different places, but I agree with you Kelly. It's too hard on my body and I just prefer the comfort of home.

Posted By: mrye4709 Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 04/21/09 01:29 AM
We used to travel all over the US by car and sleep in a tent, it got to where i couldn't do that anymore. Then my husband bought a motorhome (with a bed), of course gas went up. So we started flying, but I would come back exhausted and in pain. We flew to Vegas (lots of walkig) last year and when we got back it seemed a distant memory other than the pain. My goal is getting throught the day to go back to bed, I have ambien cr. How sad is that. The motor home was great for traveling though. It was an older one but it got us places and back. Kids are grown now, need a smaller version maybe. I'm not on good treatment yet so I hope it gets better, lots of places left to go.
Posted By: Anonymous Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 04/21/09 01:37 AM
My aunt has MS and she gets around on a Segway..it is so cute she wears her helmet and rides around instead of using a wheelchair..what a great idea huh? She even has a huge handicap sticker for it.
Posted By: mrye4709 Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 04/21/09 02:00 AM
I have a 4 wheel table kind of cart at work, I put my weight on it to get around on days when my feet hurt real bad. I take alot of kidding about my walker, but hey it works. And I don't have to carry anything, I just put it on my little cart and I can go all over the store.
Posted By: Anonymous Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 04/21/09 02:07 AM
You are onto something..when i was a teacher..I used this folding cart on wheels...it was like a filing cabinet that rolled..I was nothing without it...all of us ASers need to get together and come up with some adaptive products that would make our lives easier!
Posted By: mrye4709 Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 04/21/09 02:36 AM
I have done some things for so long they seem normal to me, trying to think of the ways I have adapted is hard. I work only 2 to 3 days before taking a day off. Any more than that and I'm down.Thankfully my job allows for this.
Posted By: Merlin Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 04/21/09 12:09 PM
1.Sitting on any hard surface for more than a few minutes is painful.
2.Vacuuming causes my back to hurt for days afterwards.
3.Fixing a meal and having to be on my feet for 30 minutes at a time is painful.
4.Trying to find a comfortable position to sleep is problematic. Causes me to wake in pain several times a night.
5.I have to sometimes stop while biking with my team in order to stand up and get my SI joints to stop feeling like they're on fire. Also, I sometimes find it difficult to get a deep breath when climbing hills. I usually am in pain for a day after riding with the team.
6. I can only garden for a few minutes before I have to stand up because my lower back is spasming.
7. If I know I have a lot of physical chores to do that most people could do in a day, I have to space them out over several days.
8. Can't ride in a car for more than about 45 minutes without having to stop, get out, and walk around.
Posted By: mrye4709 Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 04/21/09 03:12 PM
I don't know if anyone else has a problem with this. I have no concept of time anymore or maybe its just memory, just getting through each day and then realizing that a week or a month is gone. I have to make lists and set reminder alarms on my phone just to get the bills paid. (Pain has eaten some brain cells) When I think of something I write i write it down in a notebook or leave little notes places. I'm easily overwhelmed and tire quickly so I make a list of things I need to do (at work and at home) then I prioritize it and if I don't get it all done it doesn't matter as long as I do the most important, I just move the remaining over to the next day. If my list gets to far behind I ask for help, something I have never been good at but I am learnig.
I would say learning to ask for help is the number one thing AS has taught me. I hate having to do it, but I think of all the times I have helped others. Hopefully I will still get to help others. I think about how good I feel when I get to do something for someone else who is truly in need. I have to let others have that same sense of truly helping others.
I know this is about the things we can't do and how we have learned to adapt, but I think asking for help qualifies? It is definitely a way I have adapted to this disease.

Posted By: povau Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 04/21/09 07:48 PM
I traded my over-the-shoulder computer bag for a rolling bag, after a brief day with a backpack. I need to find the 'next solution' though because getting the rolling bag into the overhead bins is becoming a serious problem.

Conference calls when you have difficulty sitting or standing for long periods of time absolutely require a wireless headset for your phone. You can get up, stretch, roam around for a few and sit back down when it gets tiring/painful. Not to mention the neck/shoulder issue holding the phone to your ear, and the other elbow/wrist/finger pain/numbness.

Thanks to those on previous posts who talked about how to keep biologics cool on trips, so when/if I start them, I'll be prepared.
Posted By: winelover Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 04/22/09 02:55 AM
I can't use my backpack any more, it's a bit of a challenge to put it on, but then I can't get it off unless someone helps me!
not being able to keep plans due to pain, fatigue, etc...
if i'm too active one day i may be out of commission for the next few days...
sitting, standing too long
Posted By: Beth L Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 04/25/09 09:36 PM
Goodness....some of these I haven't found a trick for...

Cutting my toenails (My dear Brother does this for me)

Shaving my legs (not much hair there, thank goodness so it's not much of a problem...I can shave a few places but have to be careful because of horrible, I mean nasty varicose veins...I'm afraid I'll slice one and bleed out)

Getting in and out of our bathtub...It's getting harder and harder to do this...no trick for this one yet.

Getting up off the toilet...I have a toilet seat riser now and that is a big help.

Cleaning house...sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and dusting all are very painful. Laundry is difficult too but I try to manage by working on it after I've rested a bit. Washing dishes is about the easiest thing on me because I sit on a stool to accomplish this.

Shopping, if I can walk with a shopping cart it helps...I do have a rolling walker but it's a pain in the rear to cart it to town. I don't use the motorized carts very much, most of the time these are all in use. I also try to go to smaller stores with less walking.

Driving! It's just very painful for me to be in a car at all and driving has become impossible so I had to give it up.

I have a real fear of falling down...I've fallen twice in two months so I'm really paranoid now. I avoid going outside if I am alone at home. I did manage to get back to my feet both times I fell and I was alone but still I'm afraid the next time I might not.

Working, had to give that up five years ago this past February...began my fight for disability that same year...still fighting.

I can't seem to find shoes and socks that aren't uncomfortable. I have very, very marked swelling in my ankles and lower legs and most socks, even the ones for folks with swelling and bad circulation cause me a lot of pain. I also can't find any shoes that are comfortable. I mean my legs are swollen to the point where they leak clear fluid if I get a scratch..this goes on for days...yuck...I know TMI!

Sleeping...Oh how I miss a good nights sleep. I don't really sleep anymore I doze. If I happen to lie flat and this does happen sometimes if I do sleep a little deeper than normal...if this happens I can't walk when I get out of bed. I had to pull myself out of bed using the headboard..thank heavens I have a big old timey iron bed and the bedroom door. Then I can't walk...I have to stand holding on to my cane and the door or bed for several minutes before I manage to be able to take a step..after a while I will loosen up enough to be a little more ambulatory but the whole day I'm going to have a bad pain and stiffness day when this happens. I spent the first couple of months this year sleeping in the corner of the day bed in the living room because once I got into a position comfortable enough for me to fall asleep I can't really move. I sleep sitting up with about 8 pillows. One bad thing about my bed, it is sort of tall and as I loose more height and have more problems with constant stiffness...some days I almost can't get in my bed. That's pretty annoying and depressing.

That's enough...there are many other things but I don't want to go on and on for pages...you all know how it is.

Posted By: jrp Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 05/06/09 02:49 PM
I loved my heavy wool winter coat, but now it's too much weight to bear and the stiff collar pushes painfully into my neck. So I changed to a long down coat. It's wicked warm and literally light as a feather and doesn't aggravate anything.

Being about 5 feet tall, most chairs don't fit me. At home, I generally sit in a wood rocking chair, or an office chair that adjusts to height, instead of the couch or the recliner.

Grabbers are very handy when I can't reach places like the washing machine or up on the upper shelves. I'm not afraid to ask for help and I've developed a look that says...please don't make me try to bend down and pick that up.

I've switched to wheeled carry-on bags, luggage, duffles, bookpacks, etc., for those times when I absolutely have to take something.

I've done away with the big purse. Nothing heavy around my neck or over the shoulders. My purse now is too small to hold a checkbook. I do love photography. My camera bag has a waist strap so my torso does the supporting and nothing pulls on the neck/shoulders. No heavy jewelry, no bathing suit straps, and no more headlock noogies from my big brother.

One thing I haven't been able to completely cope with. It's been over 10 years since I had to stop playing softball. That sound of a ball against an metal bat makes me want to cry. I still a pair of cleats in the closet that I can't bear to part with. What is that about?
Posted By: Spenser23 Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 05/06/09 05:39 PM
It's about hope. smile
One never knows what the future holds ...

Opening jars and drink bottles is a real pain in the...hands.

Posted By: Tulipan Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 05/06/09 08:53 PM
Giving my dog a bath in the tub is very hard on my back, so now my husband does most of the baths.

When my kids were small, it was very hard to bend over the crib to pick them up.

Cooking can be a real pain, so when I'm peeling potatoes at the sink, or chopping vegetables at the counter, or stirring something on the stove, I sit down on a barstool.

To mop the floors (we have hardwood floors throughout most of the house), I sit on the floor with a bucket of soapy water and a rag and scooch across the floor. I get all wet, but it works!

I drop things all the time because my hands don't work so well anymore. I always have the store clerk separate the store receipt from my receipt. I have started buying smaller containers of things, especially liquids, so that it's easier to lift and pour. My husband usually has to fasten my necklaces for me. Some people, mostly men, shake hands too hard, and it hurts.

I have trouble walking because of sore feet and knees, so I got a bike for exercise. It's great because it takes the weight off the joints. I got a bike on which the rider sits up straight so there wouldn't be strain on my back.

I love to read in bed, but I can only do it for a little while because of neck pain and because holding the book open makes my hands sore.

Using a computer mouse for more than just a few minutes gives me severe pain in my hand and wrist, so I got a laptop with a touchpad.

No one's mentioned this, but I'm sure it affects everyone. Making love is more difficult with AS. It helps if you've taken your pain meds beforehand, and if you have a considerate partner.
Posted By: Anonymous Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 05/07/09 12:09 AM
Tulipan, having sex is very painful. It is one of the harder things to deal with when you have AS, because it affects your partner more than you. It makes me feel very guilty when I have to tell my husband no because I hurt..I am 30 for goodness sakes...this should not be happening. My husband understands, but I can tell he is frustrated by it...it is out of my hands...unfortunately.
Posted By: mrye4709 Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 07/11/09 04:49 PM
Bump....thought the newbies might have something to add, or learn.
Posted By: JimV Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 07/11/09 09:23 PM
Originally Posted By: winelover
I can't use my backpack any more, it's a bit of a challenge to put it on, but then I can't get it off unless someone helps me!

If your backpack is not too big, have you thought about wearing it backwards (that is, on the front like a baby sling). I recently saw an older lady in a shopping centre doing this.
Posted By: kera4 Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 07/11/09 10:55 PM
I too, dread the word, "Vacation," but wanted to share two vacations I have found that have worked with AS. We have 4 kids, and every year we go to a "Family Camp" up near Yosemite (only 3 hours away). I always get a doctors note, so our family tent is near the center of camp. They do all the cooking for you, and nothing is too far to walk to. It is like "camping lite;" there are bathrooms/showers and the cabin/tents have cots to put your sleeping bags on. My kids have a blast, and I let my husband to the more strenuous hikes while I take the kids swimming and to arts and crafts. This vacation is cost effective too. We are leaving for camp tomorrow, and I am actually looking forward to it. Once I finish all the packing....

The second vacation was to Disneyland, and we drove there in a rented RV. The RV park is near Disneyland, and I rented a cart so I didn't have to do all the walking. I did take breaks during the day. Once I lay down on a bench in the middle of Disneyland for about 45 minutes:) I had a lot more fun than I thought I would. I did up my amount of painkillers and prednisone for that vacation, which was more physical than the family camp.

Take care, Kera4
Posted By: mrye4709 Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 07/11/09 10:57 PM
Have fun at camp, it sounds fun!!
Posted By: Anonymous Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 07/11/09 11:24 PM
good for you mrye, great bump. it is nice to see happy talk about vacations etc once in a while. thanks, s.
Posted By: Anonymous Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 07/11/09 11:37 PM
I am about to go to the beach with my kids, and I mentioned I was handicapped, and the hotel arranged for me to have a room ground level, only 50 yards from the beach. Also, our room has a fully equipped kitchen, and it has a washer and dryer in it, so I can wash all of our beach gear (towels and suits) before we come home and not have to come home with sandy dirty laundry! I thought that sounded heavenly! They also gave me an assigned parking spot. Everything was so affordable too because we are going in mid August after back to school. I am looking forward to it very much!
Posted By: mrye4709 Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 07/11/09 11:44 PM
What beach are you going to Kelly?
Posted By: Jennyfoo Re: I was thinking, it might be fun to ,,, - 07/11/09 11:55 PM
I'm hoping my hubby can get a few days off for a real vacation before the kids go back to school next month. While Bama and TN were fun, it was exhausting, and dealing with my jerk of a father(alzheimers is making him incredibly rude and cantankerous) was emotionally draining.

My in-laws have a timeshare at Lake Tahoe. We can stay there as just hotel guests too if they're not full. It's right on the lake with private beach and they ha e a nice heated year-round pool too. While the thinner air and more intense UV rays are a little draining, it's a great, relaxing place to go. The kids will play in the sand for hours, we put life vests on them just to be safe, but they stay out of the water cuz it's so cold. We swim, we can BBQ out by the playground, and we just take it easy, not making any plans other than hanging out there at the hotel. It's heavenly.

We've gone up there with my in-laws too, and while it's free for us to stay with them, it's not worth it. They schedule all kinds of activities which just drain me of any enrgy. I prefer to just sit on the beach and watch the kids play. The kids seem to prefer it too.
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My husband and I are trying to plan something, not sure yet. Every time we think about it something breaks or quits. Guess there is a reason, when it's time it will work out. The beach sounds nice, we haven't been in a few years. He wants to go to Las Vegas, THAT is draining. Fuel pump went out on the pick up so thats delays us again. No kids in school so no timeline on going.
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We are going to stay at Port Aransas, Texas, which is a lovely beach north of Corpus Christie and South Pardre. We are very excited. I had the pleasure of going to Lake Tahoe, it was the very last trip we had with my mother alive. I will treasure that trip and town always, the memories so special, I don't think i will ever be able to visit it ever again, except in my head, every once in a while!

I agree about scheduling too many activities being draining. All we do it play it by ear. The only thing planned is eating, and going to the beach. Since it is just my hubby and the two kids, I love how easy the beach is for us!
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The Texas coastline is one of the best kept secrets. A lot of people still seem to think Texas is mostly desert (though admittedly where I grew up in West Texas was a bit warm and dry). But like Jean Angel, I have been enjoying holiday trips in New Mexico, which is also greatly under-rated. This weekend I'll be relaxing in the Karuizawa (resort area) in Japan, not far from where the Winter Olympics were once held (Nagano). It is kind of like Ruidoso, with Japanese instead of Southwest culture.
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Ruidoso, I love it! But Santa Fe is my favorite! I would liv there in a second, with the mountain as the backdrop! So beautiful! New Mexico is awesome. The other place we vacation is Creede, CO which is southern Colorado, just outside of NM. It is the best place on Earth! Have a great time Mark! But I am sure Texas misses you!
Hi folks smile this is my first post on this forum.
I am writing from the UK so hopefully there will be no faux pas on thr language front.

I was thinking it might be fun to....

Put my socks on in the morning...
cut my tonails....
go away without stocking up on pills...
not be on first name terms with my doctor....
ride my motorcycle round the Isle of Man TT course again....
just ride my motorcycle again.....
get a whole nights sleep...
not to have to think about every action....
and not to get painful spasms if I don't....
be careful of where I sit....
be able to pick things off the floor....
be able to pick things off a high shelf...
play sport....
not to ache so much....

I now use my mobile phone (cell phone) because it has a bluetooth earpiece and saves my wrist and arm when holding a normal 'phone.

I have several grippers around the house to pick stuff up off the floor. I can even use them to load and unload the washing machine.

I found the long handled dustpan and brush so useful I also bought one for the garden.

I find I need to stop every hour or so while driving, to stand and stretch. I used to ride a motorcycle, yes, I knew the risks - but it was (is) fun and exciting. I would come out of physiotherapy, kickstart my 650 BSA and plunge into the London traffic. I once rode the 37 miles of the TT course in 40 minutes, stood in front of a race bike waving a yellow flag and was nearly run down be a sidecar - but they are different stories. Now my Moto Guzzi sits neglected in the garage and I am reduced to 4 wheels.

Things fall on my head when trying to reach them off shelves, and I get incredible headaches from tension caused by a stiff neck.

I was medically retired from my work after 23 years, and now my part-time employer doesn't understand if I have time off. Meanwhile I am trying to set up a business working for myself from home so I can work the hours I like, be it 4a.m. or 4 p.m.

I find going on holiday (vacation) tiring, so much driving, uncomfortable furniture and walking. But then we found cruising. 2 weeks around the Baltic sea, someone else to do the driving and hotel luxury for not much more than a normal holiday, just so relaxing and comfortable.

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Things fall on my head when trying to reach them off shelves, and I get incredible headaches from tension caused by a stiff neck.


I get incredible headaches from the things falling on my head.
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Originally Posted By: foul_ole_ron

I was thinking it might be fun to....

Put my socks on in the morning...
cut my tonails....

it's kind of sad, but I too wish I could cut my toenails
well now it sure sounds like your one of us!!
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