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Posted By: iviary I did it! - 05/16/13 06:11 PM
Just wanted to celebrate the fact that I'm graduating with my BA today. Yay, finally! This disease sucks and makes achievements like this more difficult, but just keep on truckin'.
Posted By: onlywhenilaugh Re: I did it! - 05/16/13 06:15 PM
Congrats Mary,
You should be doubly proud of yourself. It takes determination to keep going with this disease.
Posted By: KimD592 Re: I did it! - 05/16/13 06:38 PM
Posted By: tntlamb Re: I did it! - 05/16/13 06:38 PM
Next is? Congrats
Posted By: Anonymous Re: I did it! - 05/16/13 07:22 PM
i graduated late in life, so i know how good you feel. my hubby left a yellow sticky for me on the counter to read when i got home on my last day.(i had to drive to university 80 miles away)

the sticky said, "welcome home" i just sobbed for about 10 minutes. it meant everything in the world.

welcome home, iviary

pride in you and peace, s.
Posted By: Amers Re: I did it! - 05/16/13 08:13 PM
Yay!! Big accomplishment! Photo major?
Posted By: SouthernMoss Re: I did it! - 05/16/13 09:17 PM
Posted By: JenInCincy Re: I did it! - 05/16/13 09:38 PM
A big day, definitely one to celebrate, Mary! WTG smile
Posted By: tropicalisland Re: I did it! - 05/16/13 09:51 PM
That's awesome Mary! Congratulations!
Posted By: babygirl536 Re: I did it! - 05/16/13 10:24 PM
Posted By: Sundance Re: I did it! - 05/16/13 11:57 PM
Awesome! I am so VERY impressed! You have every reason to feel really proud of your accomplishment. I'm happy for you!
Posted By: Banana Re: I did it! - 05/17/13 12:52 AM
Congratulations, good for you!!!! So proud of you.!!
Posted By: Roqufort Re: I did it! - 05/17/13 01:39 AM
COngrats Mary!!!!!!
Posted By: iviary Re: I did it! - 05/17/13 02:25 AM
Thanks y'all! Not a photo major precisely, though I took as many photo courses as I could cram in and have count for a necessary credit. I was in a fairly broad program called "Arts & Technology" that incorporated traditional and digital arts with a basis in computer science. I mainly geared it toward graphic/web design, as that was my initial career plan. I'll try to keep those skills honed to some degree so I have it to fall back on if need be, but photography is the real passion. smile Graduating doesn't change much, other than that now I'm available to go full time with the retail company where I'm Head of Photography. I'll also only be stretched in two directions - retail company & my own portrait/wedding business - not three. I'm excited to be finished! I don't really feel that the degree is something that I "need" with my particular career, but I'm glad to have it all the same.
Posted By: Mark D Re: I did it! - 05/17/13 07:47 AM
CONGRATULATIONS! I know you will go far!
Posted By: WhiteCell Re: I did it! - 05/17/13 03:21 PM
Nothing quite like success. Happy for you.

Posted By: cindyd Re: I did it! - 05/17/13 03:29 PM
Great job...!
Posted By: Soccerdocmom Re: I did it! - 05/18/13 07:17 AM
AWESOME!!! you should be so proud of yourself!
Posted By: Nookalou Re: I did it! - 05/19/13 04:07 PM
Huge congrats!!!!! Even though you may not need the degree, it's yours and you worked hard for it!!! I'm still kicking myself for not finishing my degree, about 18 mo to go....but when kids, a business, pain & life in general get in the way it's difficult to finish.

However you are a great inspiration! Thank you smile
Posted By: iviary Re: I did it! - 05/19/13 05:21 PM
Thanks Nookalou. smile My mom and several other favorite women in and around my family got their degrees the "hard way" so I knew I could do it too. Thank goodness I did it pre-kids. My mom went back to nursing school at 42 with a 3 y.o., 8 y.o. and 10 y.o. Phew. No thanks!
Posted By: katb Re: I did it! - 05/19/13 11:34 PM
Way to go Mary! I got my accounting degree the "hard way" many years ago though thankfully with only one child while working full time. Of course that was long before my AS or PsA or whatever it is really reared it's head. So proud of you!!! Now you can relax a bit, but I doubt you will. wink I don't know how you do all that you do.
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